This week in Discover, part 5

This week Discover gained a lot of little UI polish improvements, and Discover developers also fixed a major crash present in 5.12.

  • The main Featured page now shows more apps on distros like Ubuntu and KDE Neon that have lousy AppStream data (KDE bug 390016, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.12.1):
  • Notifications now stick around for longer, so they’re easier to read (KDE bug 388087, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.12.1)
  • Discover’s button that takes you to the page where you can write a review now has correct padding within its overlay (KDE bug 390030, fixed in Plasma 5.12.1)
  • Fixed a prominent crash in 5.12 when searching from the app page, deleting the search term, and searching again (KDE bug 390114, fixed in Plasma 5.12.1)
  • Discover’s review submission button is now labeled “Submit” (KDE bug 390031, fixed in Plasma 5.13)
  • Discover’s review submission button is now visible but disabled for apps that aren’t installed yet, not gone entirely (KDE bug 390053, fixed in Plasma 5.13)
  • Discover (and all other Kirigami apps that have High-DPI and vector imagery) now look crisp and sharp when run in HiDPI mode (KDE bug 390076, fixed in KDE Frameworks 5.44)

If you like what you see, consider becoming a KDE contributor and join the team! The speed of improvements is pretty directly proportional to the amount of help we have, so the more hands on deck, the better KDE software becomes!

12 thoughts on “This week in Discover, part 5

  1. It’s nice to see Discover polishing up, I can see this becoming a great app. We need more community involvement though in reviewing apps, and apps need more, updated screenshots, videos, etc. Like you would find on the Google Play Store.

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    1. Thanks for the links, I’ll check out the AppStream information and try to clean some up over time. Is it possible to add a video? Or just screenshots?


  2. There are two features not implemented for snap packages:
    1 snap://url, when I go to the “uApp Explorer” site, I click on the url button (example: snap://telegram-desktop), does not open plasma-discover to install the application, on gnome-software it works, is implemented.

    2 Ubuntu developers are trying to add plug-and-play activation to gnome-software ( ), to facilitate activation/disabling, is there anything like that on plasma-discover? This is important for those who support snap packages.
    Sorry if there are any errors, I’m using google translator.


  3. > For the GUI management on plasma-discover of the snap package plugs/slots, what do you think? Do I have to create another bug report?

    I’m not sure sure that that feature actually is. Can you explain it a bit?


    1. I report the documnatation explaining the snap interfaces:

      “For example, a snap using the camera can declare it requires the camera interface. On the other end of the connection, the core snap declarations en provide the camera interface. When the interface gets connected, the snap gets read access to / dev / video *. ”

      For example, I install vlc, the vlc snap package does not have permissions to access the removable devices, so I have to do it manually:
      sudo snap connect vlc: removable-media
      Here you have a list of other interfaces:

      On gnome-software have a UI concept:
      As you can see, in this case you can activate and deactivate the permissions from the software center.


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