3 thoughts on “KDE developer interviews from Augsburg, Germany

  1. Sincerely, you deserve all praise and love because you are creating and evolving the most amazing things not only in Linux ecosystem but also in other platforms.

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  2. Would be great if everyone’s name was shown (and maybe also the areas of Plasma/KDE they focus on), I have no idea who most of these people are but it would be great to put a face to the names we all see in your weekly reports..

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  3. Hey! šŸ‘‹ I have a question too! Do you think software freedom has a future beyond the PC platform?

    Like, will it ever be possible to install Plasma Mobile on a regular store-bought smartphone just like how you can install Kubuntu on a PC? And still be able to access essential apps such as payment and banking without pesky “security” features getting in the way? Or is the PC forever going to be the only free computer platform?


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