Interview on the Sudo Show

The latest episode of the Sudo Show with Brandon Johnson and Neal Gompa has an interview with me, on the subject of Kommercializing KDE. It’s quite relevant to my goal of getting our software on the all the hardware we can (AKA World Domination) so give it a listen!

You can also listen right here:

Hope you enjoyed it! And if you like what KDE is doing and want to help its contributors make a living, consider making a donation!

5 thoughts on “Interview on the Sudo Show

  1. Thanks for the interview. One remark about KDE’s Android apps. I have installed some of them, like Okular, Elisa, Calindori, KWeather (did not start at all), Plasma Phonebook and more on Android 12 and now Android 13 via F-Droid.

    They do not feel native at all but very alien due to their UI. There’s a lot of stuff not working well performance wise, lacking functionality, simply dead UI elements or the apps just crash.

    All in all, all Plasma apps on Android I used so far, feel very veeeeery alpha unfortunately.

    Something to consider is: Can this all be improved? How much resourced would it take? Would it play out in the end? Personally, I do not foresee myself using Plasma app’s on Android anytime soon but always prefer a native app and would suggest not to invest too many resources into this ecosystem, unless the apps become really competitive.


    1. Yeah, someone who cares about Android needs to look at them some more. Most KDE devs really only care about Linux at the moment. This is one reason the KDE e.V. hired an App Store Engineer.

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    2. I had same experience with QML apps on Android — they’re slow, buggy, don’t look, feel and behave like native apps, animations lag, and UI is often very cluncky.


  2. Another remark: In some cases you said in the interview that you are not an expert in subject “xyz”, KDE is working on right now:

    It would be great if there were status reports of which is going on in the KDE world, maybe in the form of very short quarterly reports (which do not waste too much time and effort to write and read them), written by some of the “experts”, who work in their special area (Plasma Mobile, Bigscreen + MyCroft, etc.).

    So that you as someone of the management, can have a quick insight and be able to talk about it a little bit at least and better plan the whole project and make more use of synergies. 🙂


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