8 thoughts on “Amazing Plasma Mobile progress

  1. Platform: PC (mouse, keyboard), x86 touch tablet (sensor only). Both devices are Intel.
    Launch type: live image https://files.kde.org/neon/images/mobile/current/neon-mobile-20200809-0121.iso.

    Observed problems:
    – Out of 7 launches – 7 ended with a system crash, without the ability to switch to the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + F1 … F4).
    – Settings are split into two separate apps. This can be confusing for the user.
    – When changing a theme in the mobile settings, you also have to change this theme in the KDE settings. Otherwise, some applications will be displayed incorrectly.
    – Dark theme does not apply to search.
    – In touch mode – I could not find the on-screen keyboard. When tapping on various areas of text input – nothing happened.
    – There is a panel at the bottom. It does not work at all, mouse click or tap on the icons has no effect. Probably this should work like on android.
    – You cannot close or minimize the application. Probably the bottom panel should be responsible for this, but it does not work.
    – If the panel below worked, then I would not be able to use it without the mouse. Very small icons.
    – In touch mode, it is very difficult to pull out the shutter with quick settings. It is much easier with the mouse.
    – No notification archive like desktop KDE. Perhaps it would be necessary to install the widget, but I did not have time to do it due to the OS crash.
    – Application Manager asked for a password when trying to install spectacle. 1234 came up, but previously KDE Neon did not prompt for it in Live mode.

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  2. I love seeing this progress! And I’d love to see some of these features on Desktop, as well. How likely do you think is the recolouring of the panels coming to desktop? I mean, why should you have this on mobile and not on desktop? Don’t the panels even share some implementation?


  3. Oh WOW.. i had no idea there was a Plasma mobile. It’s funny, i’ve been following Pinephone (and just ordered a pinebook pro), and I thought.. what a shame it’s running gnome on that poor device. I wish there was a KDE for the phone… and look at that!

    Is there a way to help out here?


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