Laptop update

Thanks to the KDE community, I’ve finally chosen and ordered a new laptop: a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga. People heavily recommended the X1 Carbon, which is essentially the same computer except less touch-focused. That led me to the Yoga which seems to fit the bill perfectly: in addition to the necessary touchscreen, according to reviews it has otherwise excellent screen characteristics, a perfect keyboard, great speakers, and a great trackpad. I also like the look and probable durability of the aluminum case. Though it’s not a Ryzen 4000-series laptop, CPU performance is still three times better than my current laptop, so I’m not complaining. Mine arrives in three weeks. Thanks again everyone!

17 thoughts on “Laptop update

    1. IIRC there should be a setting in the BIOS to “simulate” the Fn button on the right (swapping Fn with ctrl).

      But yes, this was the most disturbing (among others) “feature” of a Lenovo laptop I used few (5+) years ago. I moved away from that brand as soon as I could 😀


    2. Honestly, you get used it very quickly. Though, the human is a creature of habit, it is very adaptable. 🙂


    3. I started swapping them, but apparently that was more confusing for my mind than getting use to the new position (even switching from a normal keyboard on a daily basis), haha


  1. Zen en Yoga will probably be a great combination. I guess you could not wait a month. I’ve had a Yoga for a long time, but the cheaper L390 has roughly the same features.

    Did you choose one with a 4k screen?


    1. I got the 4k screen version, yes. I considered waiting, but the Gen 8 Yoga was just released with an Intel CPU, not Ryzen. I think if they were going to put Ryzen in this model, they would have taken that opportunity to do it. In general a peculiar pattern I’ve notices is low-to-mid tier laptops getting the high performance Ryzen CPUs, while the higher end laptops are all sticking with Intel. Like, HP just released new Envy laptops with Ryzen CPUs, but the new Spectres and EliteBooks still use Intel. I didn’t have time to wait for that dynamic to change.


  2. I run Mint 19.3 Cinnamon alongside W10Pro on a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E540 with Samsung EVO 750 256GB SSD, i7 Quad 2.2GHz, 8GB DDR, Geforce 740M 2GB GPU, it is fast and very stable. Next upgrade is a Tosh 1TB SSD to be fitted in a drive buddy in lieu of the DVD drive. Congrats and good luck, I had Manjaro KDE but it came up blank one morning, so I ditched it.


  3. …developers moving to touchscreen laptops is great, maybe we’ll see a more touch-friendly KDE becoming reality 🙂


  4. Congrats, it’s a really nice machine!

    Do handle it with care, you really don’t want to find yourself in need of Lenovo’s customer service. My journey with the X1 Yoga involved failed repairs, on-site technicians that came equipped with wrong parts and as a cherry-on top a “repair” which downgraded my CPU from Core i7 to i5 and halved my memory, which I only found out about afterwards. In the end I got a replacement machine, but accessoires for a few hundred euros became worthless and Lenovo customer service didn’t even reply to repeated requests to fix this mess.

    If you want more scary stories like that, just check with Boudewijn, but do bring a box of tissues.

    They are nice machines, though. :/


    1. Well, just to give a little heads up: Mine had a dead pixel and the screen was replaced without any hassle and much bureaucracy by Lenovo. But maybe I was lucky. 😉


    2. Yikes, that sounds terrible.

      Hope I don’t run into those kinds of nightmares if I do ever have issues. However my current machine’s build quality and warranty were so poor that I doubt it can get worse…


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