This week in KDE: so many videos for you

Version 20.04.0 of KDE’s apps has been released! Go check it out; there’s amazing stuff in there.

Work proceeds on the Breeze Evolution task for Plasma 5.19. In particular, the System Tray visual overhaul subtask is nearly complete and our tray popups are looking better than ever:

Other work is proceeding nicely as well!

New Features

Bugfixes & Performance Improvements

User Interface Improvements

How You Can Help

Just keep being awesome, and rest when you need it. These are hard times. Don’t beat yourself up for not doing more; it’s enough. We’ll get through it.

23 thoughts on “This week in KDE: so many videos for you

    1. I’ve notived that on Device Notifier too, and although it never bothered me much to report, I agree, it diesn’t look very polished. One possible fix I can think of is to add a vertical movement animation to the items in addition to the existing fade.


  1. In the first video, the blue rectangle and the items which expand are not synchronized. Is that intended? If you stop at second ~5, you will see that the blue rectangle lags behind. 🙂


    1. I’ve notived that on Device Notifier too, and although it never bothered me much to report, I agree, it doesn’t look very polished. One possible fix I can think of is to add a vertical movement animation to the items in addition to the existing fade.


  2. About the KWin rules page, would do you think about those fancy sliders like on Android for the boolean choices, “yes o no o”? Could you imagine those in general in KDE for all types of boolean choices? 🙂


  3. Hi Nate, very happy to see all those changes. I’m especially excited about the massive amount of bug fixes and UI improvements.
    The redesigned Window Rules UI should make it much easier to use. I was wondering, however, why the Add Properties button results in an (in my eyes non-standard) inline dialog box. I have seen this behavior in some other recent screenshots as well.
    Is this intended to be the default behavior for any dialog boxes in the future? I don’t think this is optimal UI because the existing dialog boxes, that launch in a separate window, have more functionality (can be dragged, resized to create more room for content, etc.)


    1. One nice thing about sheets vs free-floating dialog boxes is that because they remain connected to their parent windows, they can’t get accidentally moved out of right or lost in the windoow stacking order in unusual circumstances. The parent window itself can always be increased in size to make more room for the sheet’s content.


    2. It seems to me that there are two conflicting UI requirements: on one hand not losing dialog boxes, and on the other hand being able to handle dialogs freely. Personally I’ve not had issues with the former, but I can see why it would be a problem. I move and resize dialog boxes quite often though, not only to make room for content, but also to avoid obscuring the parent window’s content. (As an example, with the sheet used for adding window rules active, it is hard to see the existing window rules in the parent window.)

      Would it be possible to have KWin group dialog boxes better with the parent window? That would be more consistent than using sometimes sheets and sometimes dialogs, and the user would retain the advantage of being able to resize / move then if they wanted/needed to.


    3. Sheets are definitely a good solution for Plasma Mobile or Plasma BigScreen, while on the dekstop I’m not sure, what I’d prefer. 🙂


  4. I thought Brave was already support with KDE desktop integration. I am (with my limited testing) able to use play/pause video/audio playback. Am I not thinking of the same thing?


  5. Finally! Cancel will be Anuluj again, after so long battle!

    The videos on this won’t play on Firefox for me, had to open the post in Chromium. Something in the technology used is often incompatible with FF.

    Elisa is now awesome! It started awkwardly but not with time it really matured and is just great. I didn’t know I could maximize the upper panel like that – thanks! This is an awesome and clean looking effect.


  6. Recently started to use activities in KDE and since activity switched doesn’t have fancy animations when you try going to activity with different background it is flickering badly.


  7. Nice improvements, as always, this week was really intense, a few new features.

    Brave supported I suppose that means that it will appear as Brave on the KDE Connect software, instead as Chromium.

    The KWin Rules GUI revamp is a huge new, i would love to see them working on Wayland session, truly.

    And the improvement on the notifications looks pretty awesome, i will have to file a bug about the change from 5.17.x to 5.18, because i don’t see the notification discard regressing animation since then, on 1 of my PCs and on my parents’ laptop :(.

    Pretty good news about the advance of Breeze Evolution, Plasma 5.19 looks like it’ll be a really huge one, i can’t wait to that :).

    As always, a huge thank you to everyone involved on this amazing and beautiful software, improving each and every day, for your really hard work, huge efforts, you give us a tremendous Free (as in freedom) Software, that everyone can enjoy and that really rocks.

    Keep rocking as you did until now, even more, you are the bests.

    Receive a huge virtual hug everyone ^^.

    Stay safe, stay home.

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  8. Such a relief: “Searching on the Kickoff Application Launcher works again when the cursor is positioned below the tab bar (Tranter Madi, Plasma 5.18.5)” … 🙂


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