This week in KDE: holiday presents for you!

Though KDE contributors are mostly enjoying a well-deserved rest during the holiday season (hence the late post today, sorry about that), the community’s tireless souls have been laboring anyway to bring you new features and bugfixes anyway! Check ’em out:

New Features

Bugfixes & Performance Improvements

User Interface Improvements


How You Can Help

If you’ve got artistic talent, rev up your digital paintbrushes and try your hand at getting your work seen by millions of Plasma LTS users for years to come in our wallpaper competition:!

More generally, have a look at and find out more ways to help be part of a project that really matters. Each contributor makes a huge difference in KDE; you are not a number or a cog in a machine! You don’t have to already be a programmer, either. I wasn’t when I got started. Try it, you’ll like it! We don’t bite!

Finally, consider making a tax-deductible donation to the KDE e.V. foundation.

21 thoughts on “This week in KDE: holiday presents for you!

  1. Happy holidays! Great write up and again some really cool stuff coming in. Especially the Filelight integration into file properties. Though I use Cantata at the moment, Elisa seems to be getting some good love. What is missing for me are audio scrobbling, and popup notification when new song starts to play.


    1. Yep, Elisa is indeed developing nicely. Your requests just go to show why there are so many music players: everyone expects different things from them. 🙂 Personally I turn off notifications on song change because I find them annoying, and I don’t use any online integration services.


    2. Fair point, and those things are so little on my wish list nowadays. 10 or 15 years ago the online integration would have been top for me. As I get older I just want to listen to my music and don’t really care about what’s popular. 😊


    3. It looks like I cannot add music files from another partition in Elisa. I am running version 19.12.0 on Kubuntu 19.10.


  2. Anyone tested Elisa with large music collections? I have +8k albums and the only player on linux that can handle it is Yarock. Believe me, I have tried them all. Yarock is not perfect, the repo gives me an old version and if I change something in my collection Yarock takes forever to rebuild the library..Yarock isn’t exactly pretty either..but still, that’s all linux has to offer me. For now.. I like a big grid with album covers, kinda like a mega jukebox. On windows I use MusicBee and it looks like Elisa is almost like that. Me being a lazy old geezer ask here instead of going testing yet another player.. much easier if there’s someone who has done the testing before me hehe..


    1. Hello,
      I have more than 13000 albums (some without all tracks) and more than 54000 tracks.

      I use that to test the ability of Elisa to handle large music collections.

      There are still a few pain points but it should already be pretty good.


    2. Hey thanks for that info. How is the library scan/rebuild speed? Or startup time? Like I mentioned before, library rebuilding on Yarock is painful. I have this “old” Acer V5 laptop connected to my TV, its only job is to play music and videos. Because MusicBee is superior in every way, I am stuck on Windows for that particular machine. I have tried installing numerous distros with every imaginable musicplayer on it but they all fail miserably with my collection. I had high hopes for Lollypop, it looks just like I want but it just died an agonizing horrible sad death on every distro when I started scanning my library.. It’s like there’s many musicplayers that actually don’t play music =) Or maybe they do, after you wait a week for your collection to load..? Annoying. You had ONE jooooob… What’s the point of a local musicplayer if it’s only good for tiny collections? So, I have read about Elisa before but I assumed its development was very slow so I never got around to testing it..


    3. Still a thing about Elisa: That headerbar.. It’s only function is to show the album cover? That’s a massive 25% waste of UI real estate. I mean the cover is right there in the main window and also in the playlist. I would like a toggle to get rid of it, maybe there already is one..? Also, with the headerbar gone there’s little reason to have the bar with the player functions, volume and seekbar on the top. All that stuff is more at home at the bottom of the UI..yes, that’s the boring way things are done in windows yes I know.. Maybe there’s a toggle for that too implemented already, I don’t know =) Just my two cents..


    4. Some nice mockups there, for sure. Some I don’t agree with at all, but that’s life =) At least they all seem to have a similar vision: clean and uncluttered. Will be really interesting to follow the development of this!


  3. Happy holidays KDE Community :).

    – On Wayland, the Widget Explorer is now usable (David Edmundson, Frameworks 5.66).

    Yes yes yeeeees. Finally, i’ll have working the Widget Explorer under Wayland, another feature that comes to Wayland, i’m very happy.

    Really, Plasma 5.18 seems like is gonna be a really nice one. I read something about the news for KF6, looks like we’ll get the Frameworks a little bit lighter for the new major release under Qt 6 and KDE Frameworks 6 branch, another great new that makes me happier.

    Thank you as always for your great work and efforts.

    Receive a huge hug everyone ^^.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve gotten other comments to this effect too. I’ll be re-working this to make the text clearer. If it can’t be clarified, reverting the feature is an option.


    1. System Settings has had a search since forever. The change listed in the post is about adding another search field on the Plasma Style page that searches through installed Plasma themes.


  4. I really don’t understand the usefullness of the bottom arrow in dolphin (for the back and forward arrow)
    All I want is to click on it but this doesn’t work as only a long click work.
    If you want to have the same way of doing think as firefox why not but I don’t see the point in adding those bottom arrow. It is more confusing than anything and it is polluting the visual space


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