This week in KDE: Towards Plasma 5.18

With Plasma 5.17 due to be released in less than two weeks, developers are working hard to polish it up. It’s also time to look forward towards Plasma 5.18. Features are already starting to land and it promises to be another very cool release!

There’s lots of great stuff in the apps world too, including that Filelight is now in the Microsoft Store! KDE truly is all about the apps. 🙂

New Features

Bugfixes & Performance Improvements

User Interface Improvements

How You Can Help

Check out and find out ways to help be a part of something that really matters. You don’t have to already be a programmer. I wasn’t when I got started. Try it, you’ll like it! We don’t bite!

Finally, consider making a tax-deductible donation to the KDE e.V. foundation.

21 thoughts on “This week in KDE: Towards Plasma 5.18

  1. Fantastic week, as always. Plasma 5.18 is really seeming nice. It’ll be the last Plasma 5.x LTS release, before the futuristic Plasma 6.

    I still have to file a bug about KWin (Wayland session), when i got a fullscreen video, i can’t just switch to other app, i have to exit the fullscreen and then i can switch over (it happens at least with Firefox Developer Preview).

    As each Sunday, i would like to thank everyone who makes all these amazing stuff, software, everything of these, possible, the whole KDE Community and of course, special thanks to Nate Graham. Thanks to him, we can enjoy this weekly reports every week, and delight ourselves with joy and seeing how KDE Software evolves and gets better & better.

    A huge hug to everyone mentioned above :).


  2. Great strides, thanks to all. One thing I was hoping would get fixed is when notifications show up on a 4k screen, and the bottom panel is using Auto Hide, that the notifications cover the top half of the clock and system tray widgets. If would be really good if the notifications pop-up position could be adjusted by pixels in the system settings. I use a “fat” panel so my bottom edge would need to be at least -100px and I’d also like to push it to the left by 50px so I can get at the bottom RHS vertical scroll bar of any maximized apps.


    1. This should already be fixed for a panel of the default height in Plasma 5.18 by, but we should go even further by having the notifications actually reposition themselves when the panel becomes visible, which should help your use case. Please file a bug! 🙂


    2. Hmm, that sounds like it could introduce a redraw every time the panel is hidden or revealed. I’d rather not have the notifications jumping up and down when the notifications are visible or pinned. A user definable offset would be the best sledgehammer.

      I’d post a bug report but every time I go near the bug reporting system my head explodes.


    3. Sometimes I wish to have a full side bar like in Windows 10 instead or additional to a small panel, as this gives more space for list items and makes everything a bit clearer and there could be a small section, which always shows the latest notifications.


    4. You can actually do this! Just add a new panel, move it to the left or right screen edge, make it very wide, set it to auto-hide, and then put a Notifications widget in it (or whatever else you want; Calendar, Analog Clock, Notes, etc).


    5. That’s a not a full solution unfortunately.

      With your proposal you end up having fixed widgets in the new panel. What I would like to have is a kind of a tray menu but with big buttons or tabs, which let’s you easily switch between widgets, which will completely be displayed in the new panel. 🙂


  3. Hi, I recently downloaded Okular and I was wondering if there was an option to disable left sidebar with icons & text or use small icons instead of the current method as I believe they’re taking unnecessarily large space and only show the selected one, similar to how Firefox built-in PDF reader does. I thought I’d fill a bug report but it seems like a deliberate choice by the developers themselves.


    1. > I was wondering if there was an option to disable left sidebar with icons & text or use small icons

      You can right click on the left sidebar and choose to hide or to display text as well as three different icons sizes. Further you can hide the bar by pressing F7 or by removing the checkmark at Settings -> Display Navigation Panel


    2. Thanks, hiding text and shrinking icon sizes made it better, F7 hides everything though, I’d prefer to keep only ”Contents” open for quick navigation, but this is a decent solution. 🙂


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