Wallpaper competition update

Howdy folks! Here’s a reminder about our Plasma 5.16 wallpaper competition. We’ve gotten lots of wallpapers, but there’s a little more than two weeks left and still plenty of time to submit you gorgeous entries! As a reminder, the winner also receives a Slimbook One computer! Here are the rules.

Let me also take the opportunity to clarify what it is that we’re looking for, overall. We want wallpapers with the following characteristics:

  • More abstract than literal
  • Uses the Breeze color palette, at least a bit
  • Has some geometric elements to it
  • Attractive but not overwhelming
  • Soothing but not boring
  • Creative but not bizarre or disturbing
  • Still good-looking with some desktop icons on top of it

Here are some stylistic suggestions, too: Avoid having a central foreground element framed within a background. This feels very confining. Try having the foreground go out of the frame and appear off-center. Also, try to avoid large areas of super bright colors, as these can be visually overwhelming and look uncomfortable when closing or minimizing windows. Pastels often work better than bright neon colors.

and if you’re looking for inspiration, check out the last six wallpapers. See how they evolved over time?

So get out there and submit a wallpaper!

3 thoughts on “Wallpaper competition update

  1. “Pastels often work better than bright neon colors.”

    Bizmut and Cascade are opposite of that statement.

    Love the hig website. Will this be used elsewhere and replace chaos current wiki, userbase etc?


  2. I’m excited about this challenge. I don’t know if I have the skill or style to create what you’re looking for because the only plasma wallpaper I really like I’d the Cluster…but I’ll try anyway.


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