This week in Usability & Productivity, part 37

Here’s your latest Usability & Productivity report–and we’ve got all kinds of goodies to share!

New Features


UI Polish & Improvement

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15 thoughts on “This week in Usability & Productivity, part 37

  1. Superb, again, essential fixes & improvements 🙂

    @Kai : I’m sure you are very busy, but as it seems you are tackling thumbnails related reports, there is an inconsistency (as related here between the thumbs being displayed in folder icon and folder content (ex. : video thumbs are not displayed anymore within the folder icon).
    Cheers & thanks again so much to all involved 🙂

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  2. Good news. Thanks to all KDE devs, for making KDE great again. I really love KDE Plasma 5, it looks so fresh, modern, and is indeed more designed with Security in mind. But don’t forget, that features like previews from file contents, always needs Sandboxing to be more secure. In my case, Baloo and Dolphin are always isolated by Firejail. Maybe a variant as Flatpak would be good too.

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  3. I love the work you’re doing. Sadly, I don’t think enough people, especially in Linux, appreciate small usability improvements, like the Dolphin error message when the disk is full. Such changes do matter because they might be small but add up to “death by a thousand cuts”.

    Just the other day I was trying to install Fedora 29 SilverBlue and it kept failing with a cryptic error message, that I couldn’t figure out for the life of me. Now, I could have copied it, if this were a live installer, and googled it but just by reading it, I didn’t have a clue what it means.

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  4. Great work as every week
    I was wondering why the “x” close button on the error massage seems miss placed
    Maybe if it snaped to the corner or the middle of the box will be better
    Or it just my vision


  5. I have a question about Baloo and Seccomp. Wouldn’t it better to drop things like Baloo, Tracker and similar entirely? Automation like this are always dangerous. Is a file preview really needed, instead of a simple symbol? Do we really need indexing of files, in times of SSDs? From my point of view, simple programs like Showfoto or Gwenview are enough for picture previews. These can be easily be sandboxed if needed. Previews of other file types are mosty useless. So why use them? The biggest enemy for security is calling comfort.


    1. You don’t have to use Baloo or file previews if you’re worried about the security implications. Personally, I find an indexed desktop search and file previews to be indispensable.


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