This week in Usability & Productivity, part 21

Another week, another dose of Usability and Productivity in KDE land! We picked up a lot of great improvements to Discover, a much-requested change to allow Kate and Dolphin to be run with the root user account again, and quite a lot of important bugfixes. Take a look!

New Features


UI Polish & Improvement

See all the names of people who worked hard to make the computing world a better place? That could be you next week! Getting involved isn’t all that tough, and there’s lots of support available. Give it a try today! It’s easy and fun and important.

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19 thoughts on “This week in Usability & Productivity, part 21

  1. Fantastic updates as always. You guys do a great job.

    By the way, it would be great can include all the AUR packages within Discover and dispose all them from one only place. I hope this could be possible.


    1. It’s a common feature request among Arch users. I know it’s not planned right now because the lead developer is wary of adding too many distro-specific features. But I can try to make the case. Thanks for your input!


    2. Although I’m a Manjaro user and it would be nice to see/search AUR packages in Discover, I don’t thing it’s a good idea. First, AUR is not entirely safe and there are specific issues that can come around when installing AUR packages (not all packages are well maintained) and Discover would have to expand itself tremendously to cope with those issues (terminal output is an easy and informative way to deal with them, throwing it all to GUI may be more problematic). Also AUR helpers are a big topic. There are many of them (and such program as Discover would have to use them or write and maintain its own tool) and usually as soon as they are integrated with certain package management GUI (like Octopi) their development stops and we need integration with new ones, and so on.

      AUR is an awesome repo but its specifics need dedicated solutions so Discover shouldn’t jump into that quickly. Maybe in the feature there will be some Discover API for distro specific extension? But that can lead to a mess… So there is lot to think about it.


  2. Many thanks to all contributors !

    Great to see old and newer issues and feature request being adressed at a fast pace !


  3. I think that the text on that green (#27AD60) button must be white instead of black.

    If we use YIQ (a color space which reflects human perception better than RGB) to measure color contrast more accurately we can find out that, while the used green is in the borderline for contrast between B&W, white still offers better contrast in this color space.

    The formula goes like this:

    Each channel gets normalized in accordance to its impact in the eye. Then:

    if x >= 128 the text must be black.

    According to that equation, rgb(39, 173, 96) value is 124, so it has a better contrast with white, even if only slightly.

    My source:


    1. Yep, that’s definitely planned, but didn’t make it in just yet. There’s plenty of time before Plasma 5.14 to make this change, not to worry. 🙂

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  4. As always very interesting to read and it’s great to see all the improvements and bugfixes!

    I’m especially interested in Plasma on Wayland. My personal workflow is stable, though it could see some more love as well 🙂 From my testing so far Plasma 5.13 will be again a big step forward.


  5. Hey Nate. Again thank you very much for working so hard to improve KDE!
    I have another support question, about Okular and how to debug a freeze. What happens is that on a specific document and after doing a specific set of actions within Okular, the whole system freezes and becomes unresponsive. How in the world’s name can I debug something like this? 😦


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