This week in Usability & Productivity, part 20

Here’s some more Usability and Productivity! This week a ton of bugs got stamped out, some of them serious and long-standing. There’s also a lot more goodness that’s in the works, but not quite finished yet, so stay tuned for next week…

New Features


UI Polish & Improvement

See all the names of people who worked hard to make the computing world a better place? That could be you next week! Getting involved isn’t all that tough, and there’s lots of support available. Give it a try today! It’s easy and fun and important.

None of my patches made it in this week, but I have 31 of them open in various stages of review! The downside to being a front-end developer is that since all of your proposed changes are user-facing, people can be quite opinionated about them! But it’s all good, and part of the review process is to ensure that nobody’s views are totally ignored. It’s important that everyone is listened to and their viewpoint considered, even if it means that in the end that some patches aren’t accepted or take a long time to make it in.

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14 thoughts on “This week in Usability & Productivity, part 20

  1. Awesome work!! I’ve been bothered by that Activity switcher bug for a long time, it’s awesome to see it fixed! Plasma is going that extra mile to bring UX to perfection, it’s awesome to see this happening. Thank you!!!


  2. Some changes seem will arrive for 5.14 version, though it would have been great can see it in the 13. Good improvements!


  3. What I am missing is a feature to mute my laptop’s speakers when I unplug the headphones.
    Even when the sound is muted with the headphones plugged in, the internal speakers will play once the headphones are plugged off.

    This can be become very embarrassing. :-/


    1. My phone pauses the music when I unplug my headphones. I think that should be possible on the desktop as well (at least for players that support MPRIS)


    2. Yep, that be neat too, but I had other sources of sound in my mind, eg YouTube, where only a global an auto-mute would help. 🙂


  4. Just a minor point, Bug 394355 was to do with the natural sorting by metadata of a file e.g. track number, word count etc. not the sorting of files beginning with numbers. I know this because I was the person who reported it. I was pleasantly surprised how it wasn’t hard to report and how quick it was dealt with. I am guessing that nothing will get fixed if people don’t know about the issue so if small issues crop up in future I will create new bug reports.


    1. I meant that KDE applications in Flatpak (from the official repo) do not seem to contain other languages than English. But I think I’m partly wrong; I see that Elisa’s Flatpak is localised but KTorrent’s is not.


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