This week in Usability & Productivity, part 16: everything else

We weren’t done after implementing the new lock and login screens! Here’s this week’s process on the Open/save dialog project:

Open/Save dialog project

These improvements will land in KDE Frameworks 5.46.

And of course that’s not all; here’s the usual assortment of miscellaneous goodies:

New Features


UI Polish & Improvement

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15 thoughts on “This week in Usability & Productivity, part 16: everything else

  1. Thanks again for these!

    Have you seen any mention of plasma session autosave? I rarely purposefully log out but reboots happen and I get the desktop I last remembered to manually save. A timed save would be great.

    Not sure if this is something konsole could fix but each restored window doesn’t get its previous command history, they all seem merged.


  2. Continually amazed by the rate of progress being made with Plasma, it’s wonderful to be able to have such a responsive and thoughtful approach being made to the quality of life and a11y items. I couldn’t imagine using any other environment. Thank you all again!


    1. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. We love hearing feedback like this! It’s a pleasure to work on the project with such appreciative users.


  3. I was raised around computers even before the first PCs ( talking about Amiga / Spectrum / Amstrad …. ) … and always had ’em around, loved ’em , saw everything grow & change a lot over the years ….

    Even with all the different OS / distros / version my eyes have seen so far ( and that’s a lot of them ) … i’ve never felt so excited as i am nowadays with the current state of Plasma. Said it before, will say it again: i’ve become addicted to this weekly reports; amazing job !! i’d even dare to say “historical” … time will tell 🙂 . Thanks a gazillion !!

    Quick question:

    Is there anything already planned to fix file search on Dolphin/Baloo related issues ? So far, something like a simple search for a picture file i already know it exists doesn’t work ( KDE Neon, up to date ) … and i see there’s a fair amount of baloo bug reports on the bugtracker already:

    Not rushing things, just asking if this is something that it’s already on your agenda.

    Thanks again !

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    1. Thanks so much for the kind words! As for Baloo, we currently have several active contributors working on it daily. It is now improving with every Frameworks release. Just take a look at the recent git log:

      We know this is a major strategic issue and are working to remedy it.


  4. Man, I’m using KDE Neon for just a week and I fell like I arrived at just the right time.
    During the first days I was just getting around things, seeing how it works and at day four arrived an updated that added a little config option I wanted on Dolphin. Best first impressions ever! Thanks.
    May I ask something?
    In Gwenview there’s a way to, when you are viewing the imagens in a folder, when you get at the last image the program goes back to the first one like a carrossel? Or a button to go to the first and last image? It’s already there? If not maybe it could be added…


  5. Absolutely awesome! Thanks for this reports that keep us excited and in touch with Plasma development!

    P.S. Yesterday I discovered in Dolphin that I can hide certain sections in Places. I wrote about it once here, but I don’t know if it was implemented so quickly lately or was it there from the beginning? Either way, I still learn something new and exciting about the Plasma after using it 2,5 years. I’m stunned. Best DE ever!



  6. Excellent work. we continue to use KDE as our preferred DE for Enterprise users in our organisation . One complaint we receive from the devs who usually work in Windows and have to use Linux from time to time is the inability to copy files from their Home folder to either /opt or /var/www via GUI.

    Is it feasible to allow these changes via Dolphin by asking for authentication when transfers to these particular folders are made?


  7. How about the window shadows on HIDPI screens? They don’t seem to scale at all, so you end up having smaller shadows than intended. Maybe that’s because kwin doesn’t respect scaling settings?


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