This week in Usability & Productivity, part 15

Let’s have some more Usability & Productivity!

I’ve initiated a big project: overhauling KDE Open & Save dialogs for greater usability and productivity. If you would like to follow along, here is the meta-task tracking the work:

So far, we’ve:

All of this work–and hopefully the rest of the “open/save panel improvement” work–will ship with KDE Frameworks 5.46.

(Also, what do people think of the above style for these bullet points instead of the typical one I’ve used below?)

As usual, there’s more! Here’s the other Usability & Productivity-related work from the past week:

New Features

  • Kate and other programs using the KTextEditor framework gained syntax highlighting for GDB files (KDE Phabricator revision D11902, implemented in KDE Frameworks 5.46, authored by Milian Wolff)
  • Konsole now supports more XTerm-style cursor shapes (KDE Bug 347323, implemented in KDE Applications 18.08.0, authored by Ahmad Samir)


  • Bold, italic, and underline effects now work again for Kate’s syntax highlighting modes (KDE Phabricator revision D12221, fixed in KDE Frameworks 5.46, authored by Christoph Cullman)
  • Dolphin’s icon view grid spacing no longer changes unpredictably when previews are turned on or off, and has tighter spacing when previews are on and icons are large (KDE bug 393306, fixed in KDE Applications 18.04.1, authored by me, Nate Graham):
  • Gwenview no longer crashes when zooming after reloading an SVG image (KDE bug 359736, fixed in KDE Applications 18.04.0, authored by Peter Mühlenpfordt)
  • Gwenview’s “Failed to save” warning dialog no longer displays raw HTML in it (KDE bug 393170, fixed in KDE Applications 18.04.04, authored by Peter Mühlenpfordt)
  • Okular no longer loses highlighted search results when a page is rotated (KDE bug 387282, fixed in KDE Applications 18.04, authored by Ahmad Osama)
  • The Media Frame widget’s mode chooser now displays the modes corrently even for languages where the words are very long (KDE bug 393232, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.12, authored by Friedrich Kossebau)

UI Polish & Improvement

  • Changes to a Konsole profile’s keybingings are now immediately applied to that profile (KDE Phabricator revision D12255, improved in KDE Applications 18.08, authored by Ahmad Samir)
  • Plasma and Plasma widgets now all use the same color picker widget (KDE Phabricator revisions D12330 and D12318, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.13, authored by Friedrich Kossebau:
  • Gwenview now positions the viewport more intelligently after crop and resize operations (KDE Phabricator revisions D12167 and D12170, authored by Peter Mühlempfordt)
  • Gwenview no longer shows duplicate confirmation dialogs when overwriting an existing image (KDE Phabricator revision D12346, fixed in KDE Applications 18.04.1, improved by Peter Mühlenpfordt)
  • The KDirOperator widget (commonly used for inline file browsers in apps like Kate, Kile, and RKWard, as well as open and save dialogs) now has a reload button in the context menu (KDE bug 199994, improved in KDE Frameworks 5.46, authored by me, Nate Graham)

Might seem a little light this week, but trust me, there’s a ton of stuff in progress right now. It may not quite be ready yet, but it will be awesome once it is!

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19 thoughts on “This week in Usability & Productivity, part 15

    1. I recently tried to find the commit that disabled that but I couldn’t find the commit. The Github search for “Open containing folder” didn’t lead to usable results…


  1. What would vastly increase my productivity would be a recent files/folders entry in the left panel (like in Gnome or Windows). Adding ://recentdocuments does not work when for example attaching a recently saved or access file in Thunderbird. I always have to navigate to the path again which I was working in.


  2. I like these blog posts, thanks. What I’m interested in would be a similar overview of Wayland bugs that have been fixed ahead of the next Plasma release. Just an idea, don’t know if this would fit here either.


  3. Week by week, Plasma and KDE are really blazing a trail when it comes to usability and a11y, thank you again for all the great work you and the team put in. It’s deeply appreciated by a lot of people, many whom you won’t really hear from.


  4. Hi,

    Does [D11993]( also fix columns in Krusader and Dolphin “Details view”? The current behavior in Frameworks 5.44 makes maximizing a window useless. The column widths remain unchanged. It’s the first time I see this in a DE. Usually columns stick to window edges and grow automatically with the window.
    Will the fixes land in Kubuntu 18.04?



    1. No, just in the file dialogs. I don’t use or work on Krusader, but Details view works fine for me in Dolphin: the name column stretches, and all other columns to its right stick to the right edge of the window and auto-size themselves appropriately. Is this not what you’re seeing in Dolphin?


    2. Sorry for the late reply, I forgot to enable email notifications.
      For me the “Name” column does not stretch on maximize. All the columns stay at the same size and there’s a big, empty column to the right of “Modified”.
      I’m on Kubuntu 18.03, Dolphin 17.12.3, Plasma 5.12.5, Qt. 5.9.5, the default stuff.
      Should this be DE related or app related? I have a Budgie install of another OS on a different HDD where, before a certain update, Krusader’s columns would stretch and after they didn’t.
      Thanks you!


    3. I know what this is. 🙂 Right-click on a column header > Automatically size columns. That should fix you up!


    4. :))) Never occurred to me to look for an option in the context menu. Thanks a lot!
      I realize now that modifying a column width disables auto-resizing and I have to set it back.


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