This week in Discover, part 9

We did a lot of polish work on Discover this week, and also implemented a much-requested feature:

New features

  • Discover now lets you change the sort order of app lists and search results (KDE bug 383518, implemented in KDE Plasma 5.13.0, authored by Aleix Pol)

    We are still working on refining and polishing the UI here, but this much-requested feature is now implemented!

UI Improvements and polish

  • When you’re adding a new repo, Discover now won’t let you enter an invalid URL (KDE bug 390148, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.12.3, authored by Aleix Pol):
  • Improved the usability of the “confirm package removal” dialog (KDE Phabricator revision D10992, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.12, authored by me, Nate Graham):

    As you can see, there’s more work to be done: alphabetize the package list, remove the red close button in the corner, reduce whitespace. Further improvements coming soon!
  • Improved the usability of the “Add Source dialog” (KDE Phabricator revision D11003, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.13.0, authored by me, Nate Graham)
  • Transient notifications in Discover and all other Kirigami apps now last longer, so you have enough time to read them (KDE Phabricator revision D11009, fixed in KDE Frameworks 5.44, authored by me, Nate Graham)

We need your help! Consider becoming a KDE contributor, and help make Discover the best Linux app store in existence!

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7 thoughts on “This week in Discover, part 9

  1. Hi Nate, I’ve a question. I’m using Neon Stable and today the system updated to 5.12.3 but not discover… I’m still using Discover 5.12.2 what do you think is wrong?


    1. I would file a bug against Neon. If you’re looking for a more generally stable and user-focused experience, you might try Kubuntu 17.10 with the Backports PPA! It’s like Neon but with more polish and a more up-to-date Ubuntu base.

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    2. Hi ! It seems Kubuntu 17.10 + backports has an up-to-date Plasma but and old KDE Applications. Am i wrong ? So, it’s not a proper distro to report bugs I guess !


    3. I’m using the backports PPA on Kubuntu 17.10 and I have KDE Applications 17.12.x. I believe older versions of Kubuntu may not have included apps in the Backports PPS.


    4. Hi ! Actually I use those as well (17.10 + backports PPA).
      Hmm, it seems to be a mix of 17.04.x and 17.12.x.
      For instance, it has Ark, KCalc, Dolphin, Gwenview 17.04.3 (from the default repos)
      But it has Kdenlive 17.12.2 (from the ppa)

      I have the following entry in my sources : (Artful)
      which is the one specified on the Kubuntu blog.

      Sorry for bothering 🙂


  2. ¡Nice changes! It’s fantastic to see every week new improvements. By the way, in Firefox when you download a file and clic on it to open it in Dolphin, it’s opened a new Dolphin instance instead of a new tab. Please, It’d be great if you could fixed it.

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