Did you know you can Meta+Ctrl+Scroll to zoom on Wayland?

I didn’t! I just discovered it today while working on fixing a bug. And boy is it awesome! Just hold down the Meta (aka “Super” or “Windows) and Ctrl keys, then scroll. Boom! Note that this only works in a Plasma Wayland session.

We don’t expose this shortcut in the UI right now, so it’s quite hidden and explains why I and probably many others didn’t know about it. We’ll work on improving this.

16 thoughts on “Did you know you can Meta+Ctrl+Scroll to zoom on Wayland?

    1. Hmm weird, I’m on 5.27.2 and it works. I wonder if it only works on Wayland…

      Edit: confirmed, it’s Wayland-only. Updated the post.


    2. FWIW, searching on Zoom in system settings, I find a Zoom under Desktop Effects, which is configured to KWin actions Meta+= and Meta+-, which does work for me.


  1. This was one of the first features to demonstrate what is possible on Wayland thanks to input redirection. It was implemented before we had drm support. Back then one could also activate the cube with a mouse shortcut.

    That also explains why there’s no GUI to configure.


  2. I was using Meta+=/Meta+- before, and it worked well, but now when I test it – as well as Ctrl+Meta+Scroll, it only zooms in to the top left corner of my multi-screen setup – not where the mouse is (which is what I remember it should do).


  3. The zoom level is hard to control with 2-finger scroll on a touchpad: it suddenly zooms all the way in, then changes direction if I keep moving my fingers in the same direction. Using KDE Plasma 5.27.2.


  4. This tiny blog post just completely changed my workflow! I have low-vision so I use desktop zoom constantly. Until now, I had to use a gaming mouse with dedicated buttons mapped to Meta+0/Meta+= to avoid taking my hand off it. It works, but it’s not smooth and if I’m traveling without that mouse, I’m back to the keyboard. This is so much smoother! Thanks! Now I just need to get Wayland on my work laptop.

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