Status of the 15-Minute Bug Initiative

It’s been almost a year since I announced the 15-Minute Bug Initiative for Plasma. In a nutshell, this initiative proposed to identify and prioritize fixing bugs you can find “within the first 15-minutes of using the system” that make Plasma look bad and feel fundamentally unstable and broken.

This initiative has been a huge success so far! We started out with 100 bugs, and 11 months later we’re down to 47! But it’s even better than that; more bugs were added to the list over time as new issues were discovered (or created as a result of regressions), so the fact that we’re at 47 today means that a lot more than 53 bugs have been fixed. How many more? Well, the total list of 15-minute bugs fixed stands at 95 today!

This means that in total, there have been 142 15-minute bugs, and we’ve fixed 95 of them, for a fix rate of 67%. That’s not too shabby!

There’s more to do, of course. The remaining 47 bugs are some of the more challenging ones, and many are quite egregiously bad. I expect the fix rate to slow as the list is reduced mostly to issues beyond the capabilities or time budgets of volunteers. That’s one of the reasons why the KDE e.V. is looking to hire a Software Platform Engineer; in addition to other responsibilities, the person we select will be working on some of these bugs. Hiring someone technically skilled enough to consistently fix these complex bugs won’t be cheap, and if you’d like to help KDE sustainably afford that cost, please consider donating to our end-of-year fundraiser! It really does help. Thanks for being awesome!

6 thoughts on “Status of the 15-Minute Bug Initiative

    1. Yes, those are tracked separately. We are shooting for the count to be as close to 0 as possible all the time.


  1. Great work!

    Currently the most annoying problem I have with KDE Plasma is before I’m even in it.
    SDDM needs some love on multi monitor setups but even with a single monitor it managed to freeze on Ubuntu Studio 22.04.
    I’m not sure if this is still the case, the bug isn’t 100% reproducible, I haven’t encountered it for some days and hadn’t time to check on the bug reports (not sure if I subscribed).

    Now that energy prices go up, a lot more logins will happen and the annoyance with SDDM will increase.

    So my plea: Add SDDM bugs to the “15min Bug Initiative” as this is the first element in the KDE Plasma stack that the user encounters.


    1. I’m on KDE Neon and when the SDDM screen comes up there is no cursor and you cannot see when typing the password (unless manually clicking in the password field). Fortunately, it still accepts the password and logs in, just can’t see the typing it in part.


  2. As always, a big thank you to all of you for the great work.
    In these days I have installed Plasma (Tumbleweed) on a notebook (HP 250 G3) with little ram (4Gb), so I wanted to monitor the ram usage, when I opened the system monitor it seemed to have too high values, so I downloaded the old system monitor, compared to the old one reveals a notable difference that you can also see in the image below. I have some concerns about the reliability of the new system monitor.
    I did another check with Htop and he agrees with the old system monitor.


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