Our stuff is really pretty good

Today is my birthday, and I’ve reached the phase of life where I don’t need or want presents anymore–just a bit of time spent with some of the people who are important to me. And maybe some Chinese food. 🙂

But today I got a nice present anyway: a glowing review of Plasma from Igor Ljubuncic of Dedoimedo. Go check it out! Igor is a tough reviewer, and always manages to find things to complain about whenever he reviews software, including ours. I’m very happy that he thinks our offerings are so far ahead of everyone else’s.

So let’s keep it that way! But who made this happen? YOU! You, my faithful readers! You, KDE developers and translators and promo people and other contributors! You, KDE distro packagers! You, bug reporters! You, users who spread the word and convert your friends and classmates and colleagues and spouses and parents. All of us are responsible for this success, because we care about the future of computing being high-quality and user-friendly. So happy birthday to everyone! Let’s keep on making the world a better place.

14 thoughts on “Our stuff is really pretty good

  1. Awesome praise indeed and as you say, all the more so from this reviewer who I can attest pulls no punches. Very much deserved.


  2. My late, though, sincere greetings for your birthday, Nate!
    And thank you for all the effort and time dedicated to the development of KDE!


  3. Congrants dude! (one day later) 🍻🍻
    I love the stuff you create! It’s a great way to spread about the great work done by KDE community around the world, creating free software to empower people!!

    Have a lot of fun!!


  4. Better later than never… =P Happy Birthday, Nate! Much health, happiness and wealth to you! And btw, I’m sure it’s a pleasure for all of us to spread a kind word about a wonderful software made by wonderful people 😉


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