KDE roadmap for 2020

Yesterday I summarized some of my favorite new features, both big and small, added to KDE’s software catalog in 2019. Today I’d like to talk about the major features and improvements I expect for 2020. Note that this is not an official planning document, it’s just what I anticipate happening and plan to push for and help implement. Without further ado…


These features are pretty much guaranteed, as they’re almost done or even in the process of landing:

FUSE mounts to better support accessing remote locations in non-KDE apps

Not mounting remote locations has been a longstanding deficiency in the KIO library that does file I/O throughout KDE software. Without this feature, users of non-KDE 3rd-party apps experience frustration when opening large files or streaming videos located on remote locations, when saving changes to those files, and when trying to to File > Save As to make a copy alongside the original.

Throughout much of 2019, a FUSE mount solution has been in development that alleviates these issues! You may have read it about on the blog of Alexander Saoutkin, one of the principal developers working on the feature.

A truly enormous amount of work has already been done, and at this point only a few more bits are needed before we can formally roll it out:

  1. KIO::Open support in KIO-FUSE itself
  2. File truncation support in KIO to support true random-access reading
  3. Adoption of this file truncation support for Samba and SFTP protocols
  4. On-the-fly translation of network URLs into FUSE paths to ensure seamless mounting of accessed network resources

When the patches for these improvements land, we will have full feature parity with the FUSE-based GVFS system that GNOME uses and the mount-based system in macOS! The patches are in progress and I expect them to all land in the next two or three months.

Privilege escalation in KIO and Dolphin

I’ve been promising this for years, talking about how it’s 90% done, then 99%, then 99.9%… you get the idea. I know, I know, I’m the boy who cried wolf at this point! Well, this time we really are on the cusp of victory. There is only a single patch left before we can formally turn it on! Once this happens, you will finally be able to create, move, rename etc. root-owned files in Dolphin without needing to run Dolphin as root or using a hacky extension.

Improved Samba share discovery in Dolphin

We have a patch that implements the WS-DISCOVERY protocol in Dolphin, allowing it to find Windows Samba shares on your local network, which are currently invisible. This has been a longstanding problem, but it’s now finally getting fixed! I expect this patch to land in the next few months, in time for Dolphin’s 20.04 release.

Auto-rotation for tablets, convertibles, and other hardware with rotation sensors

There’s an absolutely enormous patchset that implements this much-awaited feature. More than half of the patches have already landed, so the rest aren’t far behind. I have my doubts that this will make it into Plasma 5.18, but 5.19 is almost certain.


These features are likely, but not guaranteed:

Implement more of the proposed visual design changes to the Breeze style and KDE apps

The KDE VDG now has an exhaustive plan and sets of mockups for how we’d like to evolve Breeze, Plasma, and KDE apps in the near future: https://phabricator.kde.org/T10891. Check out the dependency graph! Here are some examples:

Pretty hot stuff, huh!?

Bits of it are already getting done. In 2019, we completed a UI overhaul of Plasma and many apps’ configuration windows to use the Form Layout style and a sidebar UI redesign, both of which have been quite well received. And there’s a new SimpleMenu based on VDG mockups in the works, which we hope to replace Kickoff as the default.

I don’t know if everything here will get implemented, but I expect us to push forward with a lot of it!

Better wallpapers in the extra wallpapers repo

A lot of the wallpapers in the plasma-workspace-wallpapers repo (which is optional but installed by default in many KDE distros including Neon, Kubuntu, and Manjaro) are a bit long in the tooth. Thankfully, we have a patch queued up and ready to go that will replace them with modern, beautiful, 4K wallpapers. Unfortunately this patch is blocked by the lack of a wallpaper cache, which means if we replace a wallpaper that someone is currently using, they’ll see a black screen after they upgrade. Not very nice. We’d like to cache the current wallpaper so that this doesn’t happen. I’m hoping we land the cache feature early in 2020 so that the next Plasma release after it can get the improved wallpaper selection.


These features are less likely (bordering on unlikely), but could get in with enough development work!

Per-screen scale factors on X11

There’s a patch implementing this feature that has been rejected thus far because it was not technically correct with the way Qt handled scaling at the time. However Qt 5.14 implements some backend changes that would appear to make this possible. I can’t promise anything but I plan to investigate this to see if it’s something we can do once Plasma depends on Qt 5.14, or if it’s feasible to add the feature earlier than that with a bunch of ifdefconditionals in the code to only turn it on for people using Qt 5.14.

Inertial scrolling throughout Plasma and QML apps

In theory, this is easy-ish. In practice, there are a lot of moving parts. Preliminary work began a few weeks ago, but there’s a lot to do before we can make it all work. It’s on the workboard though!

Power/session controls on the lock screen

This is something needed for Plasma Mobile, and all the Plasma developers agree that it’s fine to have on the desktop too. Development has not yet started, but it might!

What do you think? Seems like a bunch of worthwhile stuff, right? I see these features and improvements as critical for my ultimate goal of making Plasma and KDE apps irresistible for hardware vendors to ship by default (most of them at least; better wallpapers are nice but not critical). I want to make our offerings so good, and for KDE in general to be such a good upstream, that companies trip over each other to put Plasma and KDE apps on their devices! I think ultimately that’s the best way to get our software in front of more users.

If this sounds exciting to you, please feel free to help out–especially for items in the “Likely” and “Moonshot” lists, which are less certain to happen without help. You can help out by testing patches, implementing mockups, hacking on the new features, etc. For more information, visit https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved. It’ll be interesting to check back at the end of 2020 to see how many of these projects have been completed. With your help… hopefully all of them!

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  1. The only thing I want for 2020 is that you let the user choose if the microphone on the traybar has to be shown, because I use PulseEffects and it’s annoying to see it. And it’s also technically wrong that it’s shown while PulseEffects is running, as stated on the bug tracker.


    1. If you mean ISO mounting, KIO-ISO is part of Krusader sources. Some distributions (e.g. openSUSE) have packaged it separately.


  2. I hereby support KDE WORLD DOMINATION 100%! If there’s a T-shirt, I want it.
    I’ve been waiting for Plasma 5.18 to rock my socks off, but now after seeing those mockups I need 5.19 already! Goddammit… This is torture.

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    1. That new menu looks SNAZZY, I’m feeling it. I never did get comfy with the Kickoff Menu, not sure why. Of the 3 menus that ship by default I only found the simple cascading one usable. The full-screen one is just BAD.. The full-screen menu that Deepin Linux have is very good and looks awesome, anyone wanna fork that one into KDE, anyone..?? =) At the moment I am using Minimal Menu, I like it very clean.. For some reason though, it now keeps showing favorites upon first click and no matter what I do in the options, it doesn’t comply.


        1. I have Deepin installed on a spare laptop so here you go, first with all apps: http://imgbox.com/i9vPOVSC
          Then with categories, there’s a toggle in the upper left corner to switch: http://imgbox.com/ehx736Hl
          The toggle on the right is for switching between fullscreen menu and a Windows 7-ish menu, which is also pretty cool. So basically just a nice clean fullscreen menu with a blurred background.


          1. It’s nothing new or super-revolutionary, ElementaryOS had a similar one back in the day too. The one in KDE now is just way too busy for my taste. Just show me all my apps icons in a fullscreen window, thank you. There’s an alternative menu for KDE called UMenu that’s a bit like this one, I think its based on Simple Menu as well, but it’s a bit buggy and lacking still. That toggle Deepin has in the upper right corner to switch between fullscreen and regular menus is very handy, a 2 in 1 menu if you will. The way to switch menus in KDE Plasma is pretty far for simple or logical to newcomers, I’m sure many aren’t even aware that there’s more menus than Kickoff, so maybe a simple switch like the one in Deepin could be something for the KDE devs to consider in the future..? A 3 in 1 menu with a simple toggle, first you get your simple cascading menu, click on the switch and you get the new SNAZZY one you guys are working on and then another click and BOOM! The new SUPERSNAZZY sleek and simple fullscreen one that you guys have started working on this morning! =) That’s my prediction for Plasma 5.19 in 2020.


      1. I also don’t like the full screen menu from plasma. I isn’t really usable on my convertible with the touch screen. But I know that the “touch-thing” is still a task for the further Plasma-development in the future.

        I tried Gnome 3 some time ago. The full screen menu is much better. I really miss this in Plasma.

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        1. Yes, ours is rather deficient compared to theirs. We hear this complaint a lot; you’re not alone in feeling this way. I have high hopes for the issue to be addressed eventually, though! πŸ™‚

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          1. I actually like the application dashboard- it has a nice look, nice proportions for the icons, etc. I like the type anywhere to search functionality. Only big problem I really see is that the majority of the right-hand menu options (Recent Applications/Office/Internet/etc) leaves a lot of the screen real estate unused. Two minor things I think would be improvements as well- I wish it was possible to browse apps by category instead of alphabetical in “All Applications”, and there is no option to “Shut Down” under Power/Session. I’m sure there’s a way to add it, just don’t know what it is.


          2. I also like and use application dashboard. It has few lacks that hasn’t been resolved but all in all it’s very nice. I wouldn’t mind having more full screen menus to choose thou. For me the fullscreen one is the best option. Other menus look kinda antiquated.


  3. Oh man, reading these things gives me the happies!

    Any chance of a somewhat more compact Breeze? I love that style but it’s really tough on the eyes for those of us simpletons who don’t have to monitors or high-DIP laptops…


    1. I dunno, this is one of those things that people don’t agree on. In fact most of the complaints we get are that there’s not enough padding and whitespace and things are too small, not that they’re too big.


      1. For my 14″ laptop I miss a better optimized padding and space too. Less useless “chrome”, excessively big buttons and bars, and more space for the stuff that matters. But I have no complain in my desktop box and its 28″ 4k monitor which I look at from 80 or 85 cm, probably a distance that almost doubles the distance I usually look at my laptop’s screen at. Much smaller buttons, text boxes, bars, etc, would be difficult to see with clarity and to interact with; too much information and elements too close. I think that a single solution for different scenarios is obviously not working.
        Wouldn’t it be possible, similarly to themes, styles and such, to have different (well, 2 or 3 would be enough, I think) variants for styles like breeze, one “screen state efficient”, for laptops and small screens, and then one or two more “clean view friendly”, with bigger padding and less information per square pixel, for those screen sizes and resolutions that can afford it?
        Actually, if you play with the screen scale you can fiddle with this stuff a little. In a 4k screen you can set it to 1x and will have small buttons, text boxes, small empty chrome areas, etc. The problem is that you won’t be able to read the text unless you are so close to the screen that almost can smell its surface, and if you increase the font size it automatically scales everything.

        Couldn’t be done that text were independent, relatively, of course there’s to be a limit, of scaling? Android settings allow this behavior, you can have small icons and chrome but medium sized text or big elements and small text, wich doesn’t make any sense, but the point is that it permits a more flexible customization.

        I also think that title bar should be rethinked, at least for that hypothetical “screen state efficient”, style. It wastes a nice portion of space. Gnome has done a nice job integrating traditional title bar buttons in the toolbar.

        Excuse me, I guess this is not your area. I hope KDE VDG people read the comment section of your blog, because I think that “coffee for everybody” is not, and hasn’t ever been a good solution for almost anything. Users have different needs in different circumstances. Using a laptop’s tiny screen isn’t the same than using a big monitor.


        1. FWIW I use a 13″ 1080p laptop screen as my primary and only display, and I don’t think things are too big. I think this is a personal preference thing, which may be better addressed by using a different theme (if even just a fork of Breeze with more compact controls).


          1. On 13″ 720p it looks way too big, nothing fits the display. No, I’m not gonna replace that laptop. I use oxygen theme patched to have almost no gaps on that screen. It’s hardly a perfect solution, and many things are rendered incorrectly, but it’s still better than default.


      2. Maybe it’s a generation gap sort of thing? To folks like me, in the “Amiga generation”, it feels bulky. I have to scroll a lot, move my eyes a lot… it’s better on my laptop (15″, 1920×1080), but on my desktop screen (27″, 2560×1440) it’s pretty awful. I’m not a space optimization junkie who uses i3 to squeeze every last pixel. But moving my eyes all over a big screen that’s mostly whitespace is pretty tiring. To younger folks who grew up with tablets, maybe something less airy feels cramped?

        Thing is, other than that, Breeze is great. There are some styles that fill in the gap (Fusion is okay, Kvantum has some compact styles like QtStep). I don’t want to be an entitled prick, you guys have to deal with more users than me and have access to way more data and can make a more informed decision. Plus Breeze is open-source after all, if I really needed it, I’d have sent a patch instead of whining :). I just wanted to throw it out there in case the hive mind of the Interwebs cared. I admit it the current spacing baffles me. I tried to use it (linking it isn’t a must after all…) and failed miserably, so every once in a while I do the “am I the only one” dance.

        (I guess this is one of those it’s not you, it’s me things, and it should really be an apology?)


        1. No need to apologize for having preferences. πŸ™‚ I don’t really think there’s much of a conflict at all here. We acknowledge and support these kinds of preferences by offering a theming system. If you don’t like Breeze, you can always use another theme. I know that in practice, this is slightly awkward when your objection is like just one thing, and the burden of maintaining a fork with one small thing changed is irritating. Personally I wouldn’t object to making this configurable in Breeze’s settings. They’re super hidden so for the most part, they’re not going to bother people who don’t tweak things.


  4. This is super exciting stuff. Many of the things I wanted to see is going to be implemented relatively soon, YAY!

    As to the power/session controllers, I like how Deepin did it. So in a KDE fashion we could take this great example and push it a bit further.

    An applet (or within systray) that could be configurable how many buttons will it show and what they do, possibly one power button that could either be linked to one function (power down, suspend, etc.) without asking, or with asking or simply it could blur the desktop showing the buttons in a deepin style (my favorite option).

    So at the same time, one could have nice UI choice between deepin style (good for touch interfaces) or configurable quick buttons (click=immediate action, or with question that would protect from miss-click).

    I tried to add such buttons through existing applets but this didn’t work as I prefer, so I had to gave up on it. It would be great if this would be added to the Plasma as a default component and properly constructed.

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  5. WOW ! Thanks to all involved ! All those upcoming features are super exciting & extremely useful ! πŸ™‚ Happy new year btw ! In just a couple of years, the leap is just gigantic !

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    1. I think we’ve been jumping forwards about five years for every calendar year. IMO we need one more year of this, maybe two. Then we can probably relax a bit. πŸ™‚ But if we succeed at it, we actually won’t have to because we’ll have so many new contributors than even taking it slow, we’ll be moving fast!


  6. Wow, 2019 has been a great year for KDE Community, but 2020 seems really exciting.

    I can’t wait to see that revamp/evolution of Breeze/Plasma/KDE Applications GUI, it seems like almost the titlebar got unified to reduce the space it takes, so it’ll be fantastic to see.

    Such a shame to not see Wayland here on this article, but well, i know it’s been improved and worked always.

    Thank you very much as always and i really hope this 2020 year i join the efforts (at my specialty, the development) and start to make KDE patches, starting for the most easy to contribute projects, that i’ve read at the Get Involved website.

    A huge hug to everyone ^^.

    And happy 2020 and 2020’s, i only hope this new year and decade will be even better than the previous ones :).

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    1. The auto-rotation thing is actually going to be a Wayland change (though I hope it gets backported to X11 like Night Color eventually did).

      Please feel free to start contributing code! We eagerly await your first patch πŸ™‚

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  7. I just want a better breeze design and touchpad gestures.
    Even Windows has got MacOS comparable gestures, why not KDE?
    The breeze design isn’t bad but it isn’t eye-candy either and we all know how most people with a computer prefer good design. A good design with a good UX is enough to sell Linux to a new-comer.


  8. I would really love for plasma to have a personalization color like windows 10 has. That way I could have the dark plasma theme. But with a more enjoyable color other then the white from the overly bright breeze light or blackish from the overly dark breeze dark theme.

    I know this could technically be achieved by making a new skin, but that means you’ll end up with a as many themes as there are colors if you want to give people a choice.


      1. Thanks for your reply.

        With kde4.x i used 4 virtual desktops, 4 different wallpapers and desktop cube effect.
        Sorry but it’s difficult to revert old habit.

        I can get the same result with plasma 5, but I have to deal with 4 virtual desktops , 4 activities and kactivitymanagerd-pluginsrc override for desktop cube effect .. Less simple !

        But after all , you are right -> KDE is an absolute joy to use.
        Sorry for my english.


      2. When using Activities only, it means the same one dimensional DE as all the other DE-s on the planet…
        But the idea is to have a two dimensional DE where Activities is the main dimension of the user existence, the Y axis of different user activities. At the same time, Desktops is the X axis of different types of tasks for that or another activity of the Y axis. So it’s a two dimensional structure of the user space. And jumping to another group of tasks inside the given activity is effectively implemented by rotating the Desktops cube with visually different sides, different wallpapers. But now, in Plasma5, contrary to the earlier and still unmatched Plasma4, the user has always to refer to the title of the Desktop instead of simply seeing its unique wallpaper by side vision.


  9. I can only hope for your vision of hardware vendors shipping KDE Plasma by default πŸ˜€

    But for this to happen, KWin has to be improved significantly. Multiscreen setup doesn’t work or breaks all the time (and yes, many people have created many bug reports). On Arch, Manjaro, (K?)Ubuntu, openSUSE Leap (and whatever else is – or better was – used at the company). I’m (honestly) happy for everybody where this works, but I don’t know a single person where it works reliably on the long run.

    The second big pain point is Akonadi… But there I’m the only one left I know who’s still using KDE PIM. 😦

    Thank you for all the work πŸ˜€


      1. I do not think that this crazy race for a beautiful picture is needed.
        It would be much better if 0 tickets remained in bugs.kde.org.

        KDE packages have many problems. Many of whom have already celebrated their fifth anniversary. Maybe you should stop and close them?

        P.S. I love KDE.
        P.S.S. I am very grateful to the KDE team for their work.


        1. Doing one thing doesn’t take resources away from another thing. πŸ™‚ In particular the artists currently crafting beautiful wallpapers that will make people love using Plasma are not the people who would be fixing bugs. If we weren’t running a wallpaper competition, these people would be doing nothing, not fixing bugs.

          As you’ve probably noticed from reading these blog posts, we’re working on fixing bugs as fast as we possibly can. I just fixed a few myself today. The reason why more aren’t fixed is because we lack the resources to speed up the pace. If you have development skills, we would greatly appreciate your contributions!


          1. I recently read information about the work of GVFS and posts about the development of KIOFuse. And I was wrong in making such harsh statements.
            Thank you for your work!
            You really close old problems. And also deal with complex development in a small team.


    1. I feel your pain too. You are not alone, bro. xD

      Akonadi is a real PITA. Yes. I moved from Kontact to Thunderbird few months ago, and I still miss Kontact. :-/ But Thunderbird just works, and I always know were my mail is and message search works, always!.
      With Akonadi some messages were stored in the cache but never appeared in my local mail folder, even after years, so mail folder backups weren’t too useful since there were always missing mails. Unreliable backups is a “luxury” I can’t afford. Desktop search won’t work for Akonadi controlled stuff like mails or notes in Kjots, I had to launch Kmail and use its search tool, which didin’t work well and I used to need to search manually because some results were duplicate and others simply weren’t at all even if I had the mail with the searched terms in front of mi nose. Oh, and let’s not talk about mail tags and filter to automate them… They sometimes work, sometimes don’t…

      If you need serious emailing, try Thundrbird. It’s ugly, poor integration with Plasma, but works, and has a lot of extension that will probably make you not to miss Kontact too much.

      I read that the Kube project (https://kube-project.com) aims to replace Kontact, but it’s still under heavy development, and not a fast pace one, unfortunately, but maybe we need to keep an eye on it and begin to forget about good old Kontact suite and its “cancer”, Akonadi.


      1. Thank you for your elaborate answer! Thunderbird is the one that people who didn’t switch to web interfaces… are using here, indeed. Perhaps I should also pull the plug ;-). But I really like the integration (why am I using a DE if not for that) and KMail was/is one of the best clients – especially with multiple identities, mailing lists etc.. I have very hopes for kube/sink as well. Let’s all continue testing it and reporting problems! Thanks again for the suggestions.


      2. I’m using KMail daily and I really like baloo for my work. For me it’s the opposite: Thunderbirds global search breaks regularly and there’s no GPG support (still) or multiple identities.


      3. I use thunderbird-appmenu to have integrated global menus. Plasma has nowadays good gtk integration so thunderbird follows set gtk themes. So integration wise, it’s not that bad.

        So far thunderbird is the most powerful, and the most professional free email client. Other solutions are like child toys so I can’t consider them seriously. Kmail was the worst experience from the all email clients I ever tested. I never made it through initial setup. In thunderbird it’s quick and intuitive and boom, all works. In Kmail this was abomination – it just spew me with hundreds of confirmation messages and broke apart. It took me hours to clean up the computer after the mess it created. This was the WORST app experience EVER.


  10. “Guaranteed” stuff is really really great. Not so happy about everything in “Likely”.

    My personal list of things I miss in Plasma (except those from “guaranteed”) is:
    1. Quick Look / Sushi analogue.
    2. Fix for Dolphin quick navigation using keyboard.
    3. Fcitx / Ibus integration into layout switcher.

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    1. As a macOS refugee, I used to Pine for Quick Look as well until I discovered Dolphin’s Information Panel. It’s almost as good for content that doesn’t benefit from being viewed full screen. For such content, I just started giving in and actually opening it in an app itself.

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  11. Absolutely fantastic rate of development and attention to detail!
    Are there any plans to implement user group management in the user manager? Seems like such a basic thing to be missing from an advanced environment.

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  12. I don’t know but is secret service done to store the user password safe?
    Is LDAP available at sddm?
    Online Service Support like in gnome would be nice where you define your online accounts and everything is configured in kmail, webdav, … The last item is very helpful and well done on Android. Would be cool to have it also for kde. Where you don’t have to configure each app when the mail, callender settings are already stored in the system settings.


  13. Thank you for what you brought to KDE.

    This post is interesting.

    As for my view, we, users, would be happy to see any design improvements to Breeze if it stays true to the classic paradigm. In any way, it would be an interesting experience figuring-out what breadcrumbs people need.

    It is interesting that sketched UI has a striking similarity, visually, to Deepin. Probably to take some ideas from them may be very useful or resourceful.


    1. Yes, we don’t plan to make Breeze into something it’s not (although right now the current leaning is to make a new theme so that people who love Breeze in its current form can keep using it). In my opinion, we actually move closer conceptually to what breeze is and wants to be when we do things like move to separate major areas using lines rather than framed views, and unify the titlebar and toolbar color.

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      1. Are there maybe any intentions to make Breeze dark’s surrounding line color dark line in Gnome?
        Or to make it configurable? I find this very beautiful. =)


        1. I agree, those dark separator lines are beautiful. There are a few holdouts in the VDG but I feel confident that we can at least make it configurable somehow (and preferably dark by default) πŸ™‚


  14. I’m not a KDE/Plasma user but this is nevertheless exciting. I for one would really love to see many of the design proposals getting implemented, especially in KDE applications (to be honest one of the biggest down-sides of the KDE community has been that developers/users tend take over the design and actually reject many designs done by real designers, and that has lead to a lot of bad UI/UX all over the place). Even better integration with GTK+ apps and more modern looking community applications would also be really welcome (people always keep bashing GTK+ and praising QT but I’m yet to see a fairly good looking application with QT, even if it’s a basic contact manager), maybe a work towards gathering more contributors would also be beneficial (see the initiative started by GNOME-Builder for example)?

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  15. Great stuff! I hope that KIO Fuse and KIO privileges are implemented in a way that can work with flatpak dolphin out of the box and that they are properly tested with flatpak (I’m not sure how easily this can be achieved).


  16. Nice improvements. This 3rd decade of the century shall finally be the Linux desktop decade. xD

    Talking about truncating. What about truncating paths and file names in dialog boxes? It’s really annoying to get a dialog that eats all the width of a 4K screen because it has to show a path that is a bazillion characters long like “/home/user/folder1/subfolder1/subsubfolder1/one_more_subfolder/another_more_subfolder/and_more_subfolder_again/this_is_a_subfolder_party_yay/a_last_subfolder_more/Finally_a_file_with_a_long_and_precisely_descriptive_name”. Nobody at KDE has ever thought that would be nice to only show “/home/user/[…]/a_last_subfolder_more/Finally_a_file_with_a_long_and_precisely_descriptive_name”?

    Will auto-rotation work on monitors too? It’s a cool feature that I’ve been missing for some years since relatively modern monitors, at least mine xD, can rotate 90ΒΊ but Plasma desktop won’t follow that rotation. You have to open the system settings app and do it manually. It’s a bit of a PITA.

    Elisa is a lovely project after the death of Clementine, well, it’s not really dead, we have Strawberry but it doesn’t seem to be advancing too much, just a KF5 port of Clementine. But Elisa should be a little less “spartan” in features. Please, Make Right Mouse Button Great Again! So far, it is deactivated in Elisa, and it could make a lot of things like sending a track via KDE Connect to other devices, edit ID3 metadata, look for album art, add to play list, show in Dolphin… There are many useful actions that could be called via right click menu.
    Adorable application, nevertheless. πŸ™‚

    Scale factors on X11… Well, that’s ok, but could we please have Wayland finally working well on KDE before the decade ends? xD.
    I remember when it was presented in public back in 2006 or 2007 as the big promise that would solve those problems that ancient and hungry Xorg had (and has), and many people was hoping that before the first decade would end, it could be mature enough to begin to gradually replace Xorg… More than ten years, ten, ago… πŸ˜₯

    Well, Nice weekly report, as usual. Nice and promising features for KDE, as usual too. Crongrats for you, developers, and let’s hope fancy and sophisticated features most users don’t need don’t make small quotidian defects appear invisible for you (ye).

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    1. Hello,

      We will definitely look at the contextual menu.

      My biggest problem currently is having enough time to really move the project forward. We could really use more contributors even if they contribute other stuff than code (design, bug triaging, documentation, user support, promo, testing, …).

      Anyway, I have been considering this feature for some time. I will probably try to do it for the 20.08 release if nobody does it before.


  17. Thanks for all the work, everyone!

    If inertial scrolling occurs for keyboard or scroll-wheel inputs, is it planned to make it optional? I find inertial scrolling to be distracting, so I’d be very pleased if it can be turned off.


  18. good stuff. good work keep it up. KDE really needs to include a launcher/script that combines app launching, present windows, drag apps to panel/dock, group apps, and switch workspaces similar to gnome. It’s a shame that for a desktop that boasts working for users workflows, that an option doesn’t exist. Being able to forget shortcuts and just hit the meta key for most all tasks is a great workflow for many. Coding in an option for present windows to pull up krunner instead of filtering open windows would be a huge first step. Kwinoverview and qoverview are buggy and abandonded, this should come as an included KDE feature. This request has been made over and over on reddit and in comments of articles.


  19. I am thoroughly gobsmacked at all the work that the DEVs have accomplished. It must be nice to be so smart!

    The one feature that I would really, really, really like to see is a way to simply reset plasma to its defaults. Either on an app by app basis or plasma as a whole. There have been numerous times that I play around with things and then get so far down the rabbit hole that I would like to reset and start over. For instance, just recently my disk ran out of space and as a result (not sure how) my network places and shortcuts in Dolphin were removed. I’ve looked and tried to find a way to reset Dolphin but to no avail. I have had to use Konqueror to reach my network shares since I am unable to get Dolphin to do so.

    I know this doesn’t compare to the really impressive fixes you all are making, but I thought I would throw in my thoughts anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In fact we’re planning to do this! There’s actually a lot of backend work in System Settings required to support it in a way that isn’t super buggy, and this work is proceeding nicely. I would be surprised if we don’t get this in 2020 as well.


  20. Elisa doens’t have menubar and the height of toolbar is not consistent with the rest of KDE applications.
    I hope a great year for KDE ❀


    1. The toolbar height issue is something we’re planning to address. As for the menubar, it doesn’t really need one. It’s been designed with all the key controls visible and user interface elements visible inline. The small number of things remaining fit in a compact hamburger menu.


  21. With the new Breeze theme incoming, I am assuming there is also a GTK version for GTK applications. Will that be based on Adwaita? The reason I am asking is because of all the hoopla that happened in late 2018 and good portion of 2019 about custom themes breaking applications. So Yaru (from Ubuntu) and Elementary OS’s theme are now re-based on Adwaita to make sure no GTK application breaks in the UI department.


    1. No, our Breeze-GTK theme is not based on Adwaita. I don’t really understand what the GNOME devs are complaining about here. Our theme looks just fine IMO. Sure it has some bugs, but so does all software (and so does Adwaita). Bugs are fixable.


  22. I would love the scaling per screen feature!!!
    Have a 4k laptop screen and an HD desktop screen, have to run the laptop screen at HD in order for anything to be readable or if i do make it readable on the laptop, it’s enormous on the HD screen.

    I tried the new Gnome for a bit, then went straight back to KDE, the widget system in KDE means i can configure my layout exactly the way i want it – for example, currently have 6 digital clocks on my taskbar, each in a different timezone. Sane defaults and the flexibility to change anything is what will make me stick with KDE, unlike Gnome which is going in the opposite direction

    Liked by 1 person

  23. All good changes but I would like to see the file copy indicator use proper time and percentage instead of jumping to 90% because of cache and not showing accurate information on copy state until it’s finished.


  24. Sounds great, especially the KIO improvements. Regarding the Breeze changes, will the titlebars of active vs. inactive windows still be distinguishable? IMO, that is one of the best features of the current Breeze theme.


    1. Yes, titlebar and toolbar backgrounds and UI elements will lighten when the window becomes inactive. We’re also planning to make the window shadow smaller for inactive windows too, like how macOS, Windows, and GNOME do it.


  25. Happy New Year KDE Community! These changes are amazing! I’m very excited to see what else 2020 will bring to my beloved desktop! Plasma is the top choice for me for quite long time now, and it gets better and better!

    I hope to see improved support for multi-monitor setups, now the handles for items on my panels get crazy sometimes πŸ™‚ also this “Per-screen scale factors on X11” seems like a crazy cool idea! Even Windows afaik does not have per screen scale factors. Just I hope it is not that much of an effort, and might be better to push Wayland support and not the X.

    I love the new design of Application Launcher! I got tired from current Kickoff style and this new re-design for Simple Menu looks amazingly cool!

    As I 4K monitor user I’m also excited about all the improvement being made for HiDPI support! I hope to see scrollbars changing width with my scale option in future!

    Also would be nice to see fixes for multi-session support! I mean the multi-seat when two Plasma instances are running on separate Xorg servers (on separate GPUs), or multi-session on a single GPU when you start a parallel session πŸ™‚ at the moment, I get a lot of glitches when using these features.

    All in all great work KDE! Plasma is top choice! Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Both Windows and OSX have per-screen scaling and have for quite some time. On Windows, “Display Scaling” has a slider under each monitor selection “Change the size of text, apps, and other items” and also the resolution. As someone who has a 5K monitor (and has always had high-dpi laptops) this has been a life-saver for me without forcing resolution changes. OSX is similar (my 5K monitor is an iMac) in Display settings instead of a list of resolutions you get a scaling option indicated by 5 icons in a range bounded by [LARGE TEXT] —> [MORE SPACE]; holding the (shift-key I think) while opening settings allows you to select resolution instead.

      Honestly I think Windows works a bit better here, and more transparently. OSX scaling doesn’t handle high-dpi blur as well (between HD and 4K) monitors) but Catalina seems to fix it.

      This is something I’m waiting for, having to de-prioritize my 5k down to UHD just because scaling doesn’t work is a pain in the bum.

      Liked by 1 person

  26. In the wallpaper paragraph, you wrote early 2019… That was a year ago ☺️

    Btw I am super stoked! All this stuff is amazing! With development this dynamic and enthusiastic, KDE could easily beat Windows or even macOS in a few years.

    Wallpapers, again: There are 2 super awesome artists on store.kde.org, named Creativepixels and Htwo who make tons of wallpapers of exceptional quality, in multiple resolutions. It could be worthwhile to check their work out.

    I propose an idea: make curated wallpaper bundles that can be downloaded from Get New Wallpapers dialog, as a separate category, or even a separate dialog altogether… If a voting system is implemented into the wallpaper downloading dialog, the new wallpapers with most votes can be bundled up each month or so, promoting and distributing the awesome work of artists in the desktop. There could be also themed bundles, and there could be a new category in the Picture Of The Day section: This Month’s top picks, which would be fetched directly from store.kde.org, from the monthly bundle (complemented with previous month if not enough wallpapers). It would need to be downloaded once, at the beginning of the month, and then it is Slideshow with one day intervals. There could be an user setting for keeping the wallpapers or not, and if not, the bundle might get deleted at the end of the month.
    The servers can have all resolution versions of the wallpapers, but only the appropriate (the screens the user has) resolution versions get downloaded. When a new screen is connected and the user indicates intention to use the same wallpapers on it, and the new screen is of a different resolution, the new resolution versions get downloaded. This is, ofc, if “keep only the highest res wallpapers” is not implemented.

    The task of curating and categorizing the wallpapers could be handed out to a small group of people who want to contribute but aren’t good with design or coding and don’t want to translate. They just need to make sure that the curated bundles all (or mostly) look nice with Breeze light and dark themes.

    I realize this is enormous work for marginal benefit, but if someone has interest, it is possible. This could also pave the way to better, more feature-complete integration of Pling-store and OCS into the desktop. I am thinking of donate buttons, reviews, etc directly from the Get Hot New Stuff dialogs. Basically they would turn into a Pling frontend displaying a specific category. I know most of the functionality is already in Discover. Maybe GHNS dialogs could be sourced out to be handled by Discover, so the Get New buttons would open the appropriate Discover page, with update checking and Flatpak, Snap, Packagekit backends turned off, just the extension/artwork stuff remaining, in order to reduce confusion.


    1. With development this dynamic and enthusiastic

      Somebody figured out the plan. πŸ™‚

      I love your wallpaper idea! That’s just so cool! Would you like to propose it in the VDG channel?


  27. re: Power/session controls on the lock screen
    i hope you’re talking bko 336369 or 392798 ?
    that would be awesome!!! please please plzzzz πŸ™‚

    could you elaborate a bit on what needs to be done? I have a little bit qml experience, maybe I can help


    1. Both. πŸ™‚ Since we generally have agreement that it should be done, mostly it’s just a matter of implementing it. If you’d like to give it a shot, I would staet by comparing the difference between the login screen (where the power/session actions are visible) and the lock screen (where they are not). See https://cgit.kde.org/plasma-workspace.git/tree/sddm-theme and https://cgit.kde.org/plasma-workspace.git/tree/lookandfeel/contents/lockscreen. This will probably lead you to some C++ support for these actions that is not yet implemented in KScreenlocker (https://cgit.kde.org/kscreenlocker.git/).

      Good luck!


  28. Houston we have a problem. While previews in Dolphin work fine, there are no previews for files larger than 3 Mb in dialog windows. Consider it a bugreport.


  29. I’d love to contribute to KDE, but I don’t know how to code, and i’m just getting started with design/motion graphics. I hope I can help in the future, because KDE was my first Linux desktop (KDE 3) and since the first time I fell in love with it. I hope KDE can improve even more and I also wish a happy 2020 for everyone!


      1. Hello, a while ago, I said I will contribute in KDE in the comments on your blog. I said I dont really speak english (but french). since, I learn English more fast and one idea is arrived : “recreate the craze for KDE in France”.
        Moreover, the french website is dead since some time (2015), it would be good to manage it again.

        What do you think ?

        Thank you very much !


  30. The keyboard shortcuts and the Windows handling seems to me to be much better with Gnome. Here I would like to see improvements.

    I also read that KDE supposedly stores many attributes in Xattr which can be lost when copying to other systems. DigiKam would be known for…


      1. – Super+arrow keys: Window left,right,maximized,original state <= !!!
        – Alt+Tab: Change application
        – Alt+^: Toggle application window
        – Alt+number: switch to the respective tab within an application
        – Super: Open window overview (start typing to find applications, sorted by "last started") <=!!!
        – Type in lists somewhere to start the search…

        Gnome Desktop-Management:


        1. We already have most of these:

          Super left-right tiles a window or restores it to un-tiled state. Super pageUp/pageDown does maximize/minimize

          Alt+Tab switches windows. If you want to make it switch apps instead, you can set that up in System Settings > Window Management > Task Switcher > check “Only one window per application”

          Alt+Number switches to the appropriate tab in most KDE apps. If you find a KDE app where this doesn’t work, file a bug and we’ll get it fixed.

          Super opens the menu where you can start typing to search.


          1. Thank you very much for your answer. The next time I find the time again, I will take a look at a recent KDE Plasma.

            Also thank you for all that great work.
            I am happy every time I read about the many improvements. A lot of things that used to bother me about KDE seem to be much better now.


  31. Switched from GNOME to KDE for awhile. I’m really impressed with the resource efficiency, modularity and performance. Out of the box, in comparison, GNOME feels way too bloated. I’m extremely impressed with how KDE has improved. Congratulations.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Being able to move and deal with root files in Dolphin…. THANK YOU!! Seriously, it’s the ONLY gripe I have with Dolphin. Do you think this will make it to the next Kubuntu LTS release?


      1. Oh I see. Would it be later available on a Kubuntu 20.04 LTS backport or would I have to switch back to Neon to get it? I basically need an LTS Ubuntu base and I prefer Kubuntu (as I already have that installed, and fresh encrypted dual-boot installs are a royal pain).


        1. the changes will require newer versions of KDE frameworks, principally. If that’s all, then using the Kubuntu backports PPA will probably get support to you eventually. However if any changes to apps are also required, then the PPA would also need to backport newer versions of those apps, which IIRC it does not do, or only does selectively.


  33. I was wondering whether to install KDE Neo on a new Harddisc for a computer. So I had a look at the live usb, here is what I found:
    – hovering over the start menu gives you a helper dialogue Application Launcher. Who would possibly want that information instead of having the launcher displayed?
    – Apps launch in the upper left side of the screen. Who would possibly want that?
    – Dolphin has under Removable devices because I am using a Live CD neon user 20200102-11:31 that entry that cannot displayed / although there would be enough space to display it – but by default Dolphin therefore shows a horizontal scroll bar for the left menu. So scrolling up and down with the mouse causes not to switch from home to desktop but moving the contents left and right. Very odd.
    – Start Menu Favourites – the web browser icon Firefox is undercut
    – About window e.g. of Dolphin / libraries tab bullets points lack spacing.
    – system settings – startup and shutdown – What is the difference betwen Splash Screen and Boot SPlash screen
    – system settings / Colors – 6 themes, all cold and blue
    – system settings / Plasma Style / both air and oxyzgen blur the block in the example
    – system settings / input devices / kezboard – where can I switch kezboard lazout to German
    – system settings / Regional Settings / Spell check — what is the different between Amarican English United States Variant 0,1,2, with accents, w/o accents
    – szstem settings – Power Management – energy Saving / option: while asleep, hibernate after a period of inactivity — what does this do?
    – system settings – Power Management – energy Saving / option: button events handling– what does this do?
    – system settings – Power Management – activity settings – Why is that tab called default, and what is the logic behind this dialogue
    – system settings / System information – What is the difference of Copy to Clipboard and Copy to clipboard in English, this system is English *not that I want it to be
    – systems settings / Connections / right part of window undercut although there would be enough space.
    – While at System setting & input devices I realize that the entry is blue below a scroll bar. That can’t be right
    – wifi connect / if you hover down the list and get to the task bar the last connect rectangle stays.
    – connect to wifi / popup asks me for the same password again
    – Start Menu Leave – all items are described two times. All icons look the same.

    So, my impression is that the system is not ready, it is all superficial but you suspect worse underneath if you just bump into the tiny glitches.


  34. Why are you so fooking obsessed with the worst UI decisions made in the past 20 years? Why is everything gray or in the shades of gray? Why is everything flat as fook? Why the fook does the palette look like we are straight from the era of 8bit displays?

    You had buttons that looked like buttons in KDE 3.5: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/17/KDE_3.5.png You had shadows for buttons and other screen elements to make them stand out.

    Why is there the need to throw everything which can be easily recognized, read and interacted with away? Why? Why are you insisting on that even though most people dislike it? Where’s the style and finesse? Why is everything so bland you get lost? In 10 years when Microsoft, Google, and Apple renege on this brain-damaged design language you’ll follow the lead too but why not admit you’ve made a huge mistake right now and get back to the roots which did work?

    I know you’ll dismiss this message like you’ve been doing for the past 10 years. And I’ll continue to use XFCE which looks like a desktop DE (one of the last remaining sane DEs for Linux), not some bland insipid something.


    1. I think you have me confused with someone who’s been involved with KDE for 10-20 years. πŸ™‚ I just started barely 2 years ago, so I wasn’t around when most of the decisions you’re upset about were made.

      In general I think I agree with you that the industry has gone overboard with the “flat” trend, and I am strongly in favor of re-adding a bit of depth, shadowing, and color. That’s why I’m pushing for a new style for Plasma 6 which will incorporate some of those.


  35. Other little wish list things:

    Miller columns return in dolphin: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=290747 I actually don’t use them much but my girlfriend find them important for design and archival work needing to see files in parent folders simultaneously.

    Modern KDE video player that looks good with thumbnail seeking. Dragon player is feeling old. I heard bomi was good before it died. I configured SMplayer to look alright. Once upon a time i was excited about “Dragon player 3” but i think it died:https://apachelog.wordpress.com/2011/08/07/dragon-player-3/

    Continuing to move breeze in the direction you’re going, flatter, less padding, improved white space usage and cleaner alignment of content areas.


    1. I also want Miller Columns in Dolphin! That’s like my #1 feature request lol.

      I think most people use VLC these days instead of Dragon. It’s Qt-based and can play the kitchen sink.

      Thanks for the encouragement about the direction of Breeze!


  36. KDE is the BEST. Faster than Gnome. More configurable than Xfce. I love the K-Apps integration. Yes, I would like to see improvements to Kmail and a few other apps but I’m not complaining. Give the developers a little grace…and maybe some $$. The apps are FREE after all.


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