This week in Usability & Productivity, part 18

Get ready for some more Usability and Productivity! First off, here’s the week’s process on the Open/save dialog project:

Open/Save dialog project

These improvements will land in KDE Frameworks 5.47.

But that’s not all! Here’s the usual assortment of miscellaneous goodies:


UI Polish & Improvement

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23 thoughts on “This week in Usability & Productivity, part 18

  1. All of this is awesome but I’m really worried of this incredibly serious and very old bug:

    Copying files causes lots of missing files

    What the point of all of this polish if KDE can’t be trusted with our files ? As much as I like KDE I won’t be able to use it until this is sorted out. It’s a shame because KDE now feel professional and thank you for the hard work.


    1. This topic came up on reddit before and this bug has been fixed for a while now. If anyone has the relevant links to the bug report, please share it in the comments.


    2. Potentially very serious bug indeed ! Although the last message doesn’t enable to assess whether it’s a KIO bug or maybe just an error in the way the number of files is estimated/calculated.


    3. We could use more manpower to investigate this issue. I would strongly urge anyone affected who has development skills to help out with it!


  2. When I copy N files and go to the destination folder and right click, it shows “Paste N items”. I feel this is unnecessarily confusing to end users, especially non-technical users. They expect “Paste”. Having “Paste N items” confuses them. I think the default should be a simple “Paste” with a setting to enable “Paste N items” text instead. (I had many non-tech people complain about this to me)

    Any idea when kde 5.13 is coming out? The main reason I am looking forward to that release is the new blur effects which look really cool. Maybe you could do a post about some of the major changes to come in 5.13? It would get the community really excited. If you do, please dedicate an entire section to the new blur effects and all the cool ways it can be used.



    1. Didn’t they say several times already it’d be June 12 or something around that date ? 😛 , didn’t check the schedule but i’m also really looking forward to 5.13 ( and those blur effects ) as well 🙂 .


    2. Hmm, I’m not sure to understand the problem either. It can help identify a mistake made by the user (oops ! I cut/copied 10 files instead of 1 or the other way round) ?


  3. Hello Nate, and thanks again for your contributions!

    I have observed Discover freezing/hanging (to the point where I must force-shut it) several times the last days. My system is running the latest Plasma 5.12.5. My question is if running ‘gdb backtrace’ while Discover freezes is the best way to debug this?


    1. *sigh* And of course it stops freezing the minute I execute backtrace. I guess I should be happy.


  4. I really love the attention to detail that Plasma and the other applications are getting. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make me happy, such as seeing that the “Samba Share” has been renamed to be something more meaningful and less technical. I install Kubuntu onto many computers for friends and changes like this makes it much more friendly and understandable for them. Thank you 🙂


  5. Thanks for the work, I like KDE, I hope that can fix the progress bar that shows the total progress of the job in Discover when installing updates, it always shows 2% and remains static there. And when looking for an application, it always seems to keep looking constantly even if it does not show more results.


    1. It’s already fixed for recent versions of Discover with up-to-date distros. Older distros like Kubuntu 16.04 (and KDE Neon, until it rebases on top of 18.04) have older versions of the PackageKit library that don’t report the progress as accurately.


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