This week in Discover, part 8

This was a week of polish and preparation for Discover. We’ve got some nice new features in the pipeline but we’re not quite ready to announce them just yet. One is implemented but needs more polish, and another is under construction. I think you’ll like ’em once they’re ready! But in the meantime, here are some bugfixes and polish work:


  • Fixed a bug causing Discover to emit scary “unmet dependency” warnings while browsing apps on certain systems (KDE bug 391142, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.12.3, authored by Aleix Pol)
  • Fixed a bug causing the back and forward arrow to appear in the screenshot pop-up before the screenshot was loaded (KDE bug 391130, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.12.3, authored by Aleix pol)
  • Fixed a bug causing apps from Flathub to not appear when clicking on the Flathub repo on Discover’s Settings page (KDE bug 391126, 5.12.3, authored by Aleix Pol)
  • Fixed a bug causing review headers for addons to appear malformed (KDE bug 391189, fixed in Plasma 5.12.3, authored by Aleix Pol)

UI Improvements and polish

  • Discover and other Kirigami apps now correctly use radio buttons for mutually exclusive actions (KDE bug 391144, fixed in KDE Plasma 5.13 and KDE Frameworks 5.44, authored by Aleix Pol)

Want to see faster progress on Discover? Help us out! KDE has great software and a strong focus on usability, productivity, and user satisfaction. But we’re short in the manpower department. There are lots of other ways to contribute, too!

4 thoughts on “This week in Discover, part 8

  1. Every week, Discover looks more and more polished. My only problem with it is that it isn’t using icons for apps from icon theme, that would solve pixelated icons issue and it would be more consitent, have you thought about it?


  2. I must say I am inspired by the current energy in the community. But unfortunately I don’t know anything about code, so I can’t contribute that way. So, right now I am in the process of joining the (currently one-man) translation team for my language. 🙂


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