This week in Discover, part 4

In preparation for the impending release of Plasma 5.12, this was a big bug-squashing week in Discover thanks to lead Developer Aleix Pol, who knocked out a huge number of reliability and stability issues in Discover! We also got in a few UI polish and usability improvements, too.

  • The number of available updates is now always consistent (KDE bug 389108)
  • Update notifications are no longer shown twice in certain circumstances (KDE bug 389429)
  • Fixed a crash when opening Discover with the Flatpak backend installed, but without the system Flatpak libraries (KDE bug 380496)
  • Fixed a crash while searching (KDE bug 385679)
  • Fixed a regression where the screenshot overlay would lose keyboard focus (KDE bug 389510)
  • Fixed a memory leak when browsing the Plasma Addons category (KDE bug 387630)
  • Made the Reviews pop-up have less side padding for better readability and usability (KDE bug 389536)
  • The scrollbar on the settings page no longer overlaps interactive UI elements (KDE bug 389602)
  • Repo list items no longer expose redundant Filter buttons (KDE bug 389767)
  • Discover’s settings page displays repos in a much more usable and readable manner (KDE bugs 389714 and 389715):

“Xenial (Main)” being listed twice is a bug we’re working on; the second one is the source repository, but it doesn’t communicate that. Little by little!

It’s constant improvement like this that adds up over time to produce great software. We think you’re going to love Discover in Plasma 5.12, and we’re continuing to work on making it even better!

If you like what you see, please consider helping out! If we were pirates, we’d say, “yer money or yer time, yarr!”

9 thoughts on “This week in Discover, part 4

  1. The repo list looks much better already. Do you know if these usability improvements will continue with 5.12 point releases or will they mainly contain bug fixes?


    1. Continued improvements that don’t require string changes can and will go into 5.12. Anything else goes onto master and will end up in 5.13.


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