This week in Discover, part 3

This was a design-heavy week in discover, and we landed some bold design improvements to the Application page:

In addition, we fixed bugs, including a few corner-case issues for workflows where Flatpak apps are available alongside apps from your distro. Flatpak support is constantly improving! There are always lots of backend improvements, but here’s the full list of this week’s user-facing improvements:

  • The search field now works again after you go back from an App page, and other focus-related improvements (KDE bug 388835)
  • Long app titles in titlebar are now displayed without eliding, if possible (KDE Phabricator revision D9995)
  • After installing a Flatpak version of an app, trying to launch the PackageKit version from Discover correctly opens the Flatpak version (KDE bug 389036)
  • When an app is available from two Flatpak repos and a PackageKit repo, switching its source to a Flatpak repo no longer makes the PackageKit version temporarily disappear (KDE bug 389186)
  • When the app defines them, show URLs for the user guide, donation page, and bug tracker (KDE Phabricator revision D10131):
    Good Inkscape.png

4 thoughts on “This week in Discover, part 3

  1. Your work (Discover, and KDE Plasma in general), is amazing!. It’s my desktop since 2009, with KDE 3.5.Many thanks!!

    Let me ask a question, though. The left sidebar is mostly white space, only the Plasma logo, a search field and some text. Does it need to be so wide? IMHO, it can be reduced whitout losing functionality and leaving more space for information (not just in the app view, but in general?


  2. I can’t believe how far Discover has come in such a short time. Simply amazing. Showing donation info is a definite plus and hopefully the relevant metadata continues to improve to help out both Users AND Devs!


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