KDE Usability & Productivity: Week 86

Here’s week 86 in KDE’s Usability & Productivity initiative! There are lots and lots of cool changes, which is especially impressive as the KDE community prepares for Akademy, which kicks off next weekend. Sadly I cannot attend this year–there was an unavoidable scheduling conflict with my best friend’s wedding–but I will be there in spirit! In the meantime, check out the progress:

New Features

Bugfixes & Performance Improvements

User Interface Improvements

Next week, your name could be in this list! Not sure how? Just ask! I’ve helped mentor a number of new contributors recently and I’d love to help you, too! You can also check out https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved, and find out how you can help be a part of something that really matters. You don’t have to already be a programmer. I wasn’t when I got started. Try it, you’ll like it! We don’t bite!

If you find KDE software useful, consider making a tax-deductible donation to the KDE e.V. foundation.

35 thoughts on “KDE Usability & Productivity: Week 86

  1. Wow ducha good changes this week again. I especially like when you revert changes which are not as useful as initially thought. That’s a sane way to do things.
    Keep up the good work !


    1. Purely text labels are supposed to use sentence style capitalization. “Time To Empty” should be “Time to empty”


    2. Not really. It’s not wrong, but it sounds like a label on a gauge in some military vehicle where space for the label is normally limited. We have enough space to use a nicer phrase in this case.

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  2. > Kate and other KTextEditor-based apps now strip off Windows-style newlines from pasted text (Christoph
    > Cullmann, KDE Frameworks 5.62)

    Wow, this is actually huge for my workflow, which has be constantly cutting and pasting from Windows apps. Thank you so much!


  3. Regarding the “Multimedia” entry in system setting: what happened to “Audio CDs” and “CDDB Retrieval” entries in 5.17.0?


    1. Sorry, the text is somewhat inaccurate. The “Multimedia” categori is now hidden by default, but it will appear again if those KCMs are installed.


    2. The application dashboard still takes a minute to load when first booted when theres over a thousand desktop files. It uses up 2.5GB when loaded in system activity>plasmashell. It also freezes the system when a new program adds its desktop shortcut to the application dashboard


  4. Since we now have Night Color in both X11 and Wayland, what about an option to change to dark and light colors by time of day being similiar to operation mode select from night color.


  5. I think it would be a good time to ask about recently used items. I have a script to take screenshots, but I don’t know how I could make said files be detected by kde so they appear under recently used files.


  6. Loving that the Windows-Newline-Thing is solved! Drove me Nuts 😉

    Now for spectacle, i’d love to see a possiblity to copy the screenshot to clipboard instead of saving it to disk if invoked by a shortcut (such as meta+shift+print for a rectangle) 🙂


  7. Another Sunday, another week, another new amazing report by Nate from the KDE Community intense development work.

    Plasma 5.17 is gonna be a huge one, i’m pretty sure about that. I really hope Wayland session improves too, Night Color, too, at Xorg session i can (with Redshift) set a color temperature for the night hours (established by me, of course) and other one for the day hours (i prefer to not let the blue light affect me at any hour of the day, to be honest).

    As always, just to express my huge thanks to everyone who make all this amazing software possible, especially to Nate, who keeps the blog posts weekly, to let us know what’s happening at the development side.

    A huge hug to everyone mentioned above ^^.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Alberto! Yes, Way;and development has slowed a bit recently, but I believe it will pick up soon.

      FWIW Night Color should already work on Wayland, with user-specified times.


    2. Yeah, it works, but i mean allow to specify two color temperatures, one for the day hours, the other for the night hours, like i found with RedShift Widget Control at Plasma. I mean, not only 1 color temperature during the night hours established.

      Nice news, i really hope KMail will be working soon with Wayland. I’ll have to use Thunderbird (i would prefer avoid it) otherwise .

      Thanks for the response and for the great work you’re doing.

      A huge hug Nate :).


    1. No update. Since KIO-FUSE work is proceeding, I’m kind of waiting until that lands to evaluate whether or not it still makes sense to improve the IOSlave infrastructure at all. If we just use FUSE mounts instead of asynchronous on-demand access via KIOSlaves, then a whole class of bugs disappears (and a new one takes its place 🙂 )


  8. Again some nice improvements, thank you! 🙂

    I hope the newly appearing bugs
    will be fixed soon too because they are quite often _visible_ and not only some smaller usability problems.

    This kind of bugs lowers the confidence in KDE or even Open Source software maturity. Although for me no big deal, other “casual bystanders” see that different and I can see the point. A button showing a list of entries doesn’t seem to be rocket science nowadays and in the area of a task bar people normally don’t see any glitches in any other desktop environment so that these bugs are pretty bad advertising for otherwise such an outstanding product like Plasma…


    1. Yes, we are currently working on an effort to substantially improve the Task Manager preview pop-up. No ETA yet, but it’s on our radar screen.


    2. “God is in the detail”, Mies van der Rohe dixit.

      Those little flaws in KDE-Plasma make many potential users stick to their Mac or Windows. Big fancy features one scarcely, if ever, uses may be not as important as tiny details we need every day. Most average computes users don’t give a damn about cool KIO slaves, activities, multimonitor setups, local network stuff, fancy window behavior configuration, flashy/shiny/translucid/whatever eyecandy, etc, etc. What they want is that “Recent documents” in launchers really reflect the last opened documents; that Baloo has a reliable and always consistent behavior; Kmail’s search function really works, etc, etc.

      Please do not undervalue details, they are what make many “converses” to regret and go back to Windows, which at least “just works”. The more users the more LKinux desktops will be taken into consideration by hardware makers. Being a niche environment only makes Nvidia, Canon, Epson, etc, etc, to ignore us even more. Please don’t make any newcomer to run away from KDE because of clumsy malfunctioning details.

      Said this, thanks for the great work you do in general, but give small details the due importance, please; the whole community will benefit.


    3. I completely agree with you! 🙂 These little details are critical, for sure, for exactly the reason you gave. “OK” isn’t good enough anymore. On the subject of recent documents that work properly, Méven Car has been doing tremendously excellent work on this and it’s very very close to landing in Dolphin and file dialogs by default: https://phabricator.kde.org/D7446.

      It should be in for the 19.12.0 release.


  9. I’m very happy about the “Make executable and run” option for .appimage files
    I was very frustrated when I tried to open one and nothing was happening, thinking that the file it’s broken, until I found out I need to make it executable manually.
    I think that there are at least 3 things still missing from proper Appimage support.
    1. Putting one appimage file on the desktop that you use often, like in my case Etcher to write ISO image to flash drives still shows the file extension (the .AppImage) and I think it’s really ugly and long to show this on the desktop. It would be great if only the name would be displayed in this case.
    2. There is no easy way to integrate an Appimage into the system like installing it, so I can afterwards add a shortcut to it to the taskbar or the desktop.
    3. Right clicking on an AppImage file has no “Run” or “Make executable and run” option, just “Open with…” which is just wrong


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